Lishui University launches theme education to support distinctive school running and high-quality development

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  • Source: Dongyang Information Network
    Lishui College's leadership revisited the scene of the party's oath. Photo courtesy of the school

    China News Network Zhejiang News September 29 (Wang Titian Shen Yifeng) Recently, all members of the leadership team of Lishui College came to the Memorial Hall of Revolution in Southwestern Zhejiang, revisited the party vows, listened to the revolutionary story, watched the video "Beacon Southwest Zhejiang", accepted "Do not forget the beginning and keep the mission in mind" on-site theme education .

    All members of the leadership team of Lishui College visited the Revolutionary Memorial Hall of Southwest Zhejiang. Photo courtesy of the school

    It is reported that since the launch of the theme education, the party committee of Lishui University has fully utilized the unique advantages of the Southwest Zhejiang Revolutionary Base, focusing on the goal of building a high-level application-oriented university that promotes and serves green development. Synchronize work effectively and effectively, do a good job of "red" and "green" two articles, promote the school's characteristic school running and high-quality content development.

    This theme education and learning will undoubtedly help the school's future development.

    In response, Yu Dehua, a member of the college ’s party committee, the head of the organization and the director of the Theme Education Office, said that in the next step, the school will be based on the actual situation of local undergraduate colleges and closely meet the needs of the Lishui industry and industry. The pilot project of the comprehensive reform of the integration of industry and education, played the role of China (Lishui) Liangshan College as a "two mountains" theory and practice research center, and "a new type of think tank for high-quality green development in mountainous areas", focusing on the realization of the value of ecological products. The whole region has rolled out rural GEP accounting work, and strived to implement the development concept of "green hills but golden hills and silver hills", accelerating the construction of high-level application universities that serve and promote green development. (Finish)