Fight a lot: Poverty alleviation project is being attacked by cyber-gangs across three provinces (regions)

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  • Source: Dongyang Information Network
    The picture shows a letter from the Bachu County People's Government issuing a statement on the related incident. For map

    China News Network, Zhejiang News, June 11 (Zhao Xiaoyan, Huang Hui) "Our lyrics and lyrics are busy helping the poor in the bright, and many people always follow the three provinces (regions) and are secretly making rumors." On June 11, Pinduoduo ’s vice president and spokesperson revealed that Pinduoduo was continuously under the malicious attack of organized gangs on the Internet.

    According to reports, the Kashibachu County Poverty Alleviation Workshop of Shanghai counterparts who have been attacked by the aforementioned gangs, the "Red Heart Red Heart Kiwi Harvest Festival" jointly launched by Pinduoduo and two state-level poor counties, and Pinduoduo and Henan Zhongmu County Poverty alleviation activities such as the acquisition of garlic by poor households through cooperation.

    According to Pinduoduo, the malicious social behavior of the gangs involved various methods to “unpublish” the unscripted “manuscripts” of Pinduoduo without signature and no source on regular websites. Then I will use those regular sources. Repost, continue to fight against the reputation of Pinduoduo.

    Jing Ran further explained that when online manuscripts and marketing agency manuscripts spawned by inaccurate content were reprinted everywhere, Pinduoduo would otherwise not explain, and there would be no way to damage the goodwill and credit; otherwise, Pinduoduo would treat those untrue content. As soon as the statement was issued, it fell into the cycle of repeatedly investing in poverty alleviation work and needing to repeatedly prove innocence, and became passive in social evaluation. Jing Ran said that since I was listed last year, Pinduoduo has not emerged from that vortex.

    According to the well-introduced, Pinduoduodu attaches great importance to all links and details of poverty alleviation work. The implementation of each two poverty reduction projects is under the guidance of the local party committee and government, and has left agreements, work logs, documents, invoices and other Evidence material for backtracking the entire project task manager.

    At 11:42 am on May 13th, a website published a report "Pin Duoduo's first poverty alleviation workshop supporting poor planting planting project encountered financial difficulties". This report, which cannot be signed by reporters, "quotes" Cheng Chang, a Shanghai cadre of aid to Xinjiang and deputy director of the Bachu County Business and Economic Committee, stating that "Pinduoduo's poverty alleviation workshop in the form of cooperation with the Kashbachu County People's Government in Xinjiang would otherwise be matched The agricultural planting project is difficult to produce, and is willing to fail to land because of poverty alleviation workshops. "

    It is understood that Pinduoduo communicated with the Shanghai Municipal People's Government's Cooperative Ways and Offices and the Bachu County People's Government for the first time, and all parties confirmed that the project is currently progressing smoothly and is not in the “difficult labor” mentioned in the text. Case report. And Shanghai Changjiang cadre Cheng Chang himself said that he had never been interviewed on this matter, if he knew the source and motivation of the above remarks.

    "Then we can ignore the noise in our lyrics and lyrics, but the rumor-maker arbitrarily fabricated remarks, which caused extremely bad effects on ordinary people and the society's poverty alleviation cause." Jing Ran said.

    According to reports, Pinduoduo otherwise collected and kept complete evidence and filed with relevant authorities. "The lyrics of our lyrics will take legal measures to safeguard their rights and interests, and get justice for ordinary people who are implicated by innocent people. When the sun covers every corner, our lyrics will know who is the hidden diablo." Jing Ran said. (Finish)