Zhejiang Nanxun innovates "urban police joint service" and strives to become a "model student" in urban management

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    China News Network Zhejiang News June 12 (Apprentice reporter Shi Zinan correspondent Zhao Shen Siyuan) In 2018, the number of traffic accident deaths in Nanxun District, Huzhou , Zhejiang, was controlled within a hundred people, a decrease of 46 from the same period last year, a record low in the past decade. This kind of figure is the change brought about by the innovative "urban police joint service" mechanism of Nanxun District Branch of Huzhou City Public Security Bureau .

    In order to further improve the fine-grained service of city management, the Public Security Bureau of Nanxun District actively blurred the concept of police presence or absence, innovatively established the "urban police joint service" mechanism, and strengthened communication and coordination with comprehensive law enforcement agencies. The quality of life is continuously improved, and the sense of gain, happiness and security of the masses is continuously improved.

    On the evening of March 4, this year, a 10-year-old boy fell from the third floor to a platform on the second floor to install an air-conditioning unit in Jinwang Homeland District, Heji, Nanxun District. After receiving the alarm, the 110 command center passed the intercom command to the nearby comprehensive law enforcement team and the police station to rescue the scene. Law enforcement officers borrowed the way from the window of the building next door and went directly over the wall to enter the platform. The trapped boy was successfully rescued.

    From the alarm to the rescue, it took about 10 minutes to win the praise of the masses.

    It is reported that the "Urban Police Joint Service" implements unified command and dispatch, based on the Nanning District Public Security Branch Bureau of the Joint Service Center, integrates the digital urban management platform to form a powerful emergency organization module, and realizes that all police conditions in the area can be communicated through walkie-talkies. Real-time command on the same frequency and clear command channels.

    In addition, "Urban Police Joint Logistics" also integrates law enforcement forces to strengthen the joint logistics team.

    For example, in the central urban area of Nanxun Town, the four grids of city management 2 and the five major public security defense areas are organically integrated, and the police station, traffic police, and patrol police have 40 police forces, 20 law enforcement forces, and 10 daily patrol teams and one or four Multiple joint law enforcement mobile teams have realized effective docking with the general grid and police grid.

    At present, nine townships, development zones, and resorts in Nanliao District have set up a regular law enforcement team of more than 3,000 people.

    Starting from December 2018, the management committee of Nanxun Economic Development Zone has set up a small clothing plus workshop remediation group, which will be jointly implemented by the Chengxi Police Station, Comprehensive Law Enforcement, and Fire Protection. The members of the "Urban Police Joint Service" went door-to-door and issued notices of evacuation, and answered relevant policies, laws and regulations to the owners.

    From March 27 this year, members of the remediation team have targeted the seizure of workshops in Zhigang Xincun. Currently, 17 workshops have been sealed up, and the fire safety hazards of small clothing and workshops have been gradually eliminated.

    At the same time, the "Urban Police Joint Logistics" also closely focused on social security, road traffic, urban appearance and other people's reports of strong urban management issues and reports, and normalized the promotion of joint logistics law enforcement. For example, the morning and evening rush hours will be used to ensure the order of major traffic sections, while the rest of the day will focus on investigating and controlling illegal parking of vehicles, strengthening the control of illegal construction, and conducting illegal "three-vehicle" rectifications, fire safety inspections, and cultural and entertainment venue inspections at night.

    Since the beginning of this year, 35,000 types of traffic violations have been investigated and dealt with through the "urban police joint logistics" mechanism, up 35% year-on-year; 17 "three-car" rectification operations have been carried out 17 times, and 245 "three-cars" have been detained and stopped. More than 490 vehicles, such as zombie cars, illegally parked cars, and "three small cars" were parked.

    Regarding the systematic and complicated hot and difficult issues report in city management, "Urban Police Joint Service" also played an active role.

    Since this year, the "Urban Police Joint Service" has played an obvious role in "three reforms and one demolition" and comprehensive management of small towns. It has participated in 15 demolition operations and demolished an area of 1,735 square meters. It has investigated and dealt with cases that disrupted the order of the unit and hindered the execution of duties Since 1758, 2072 people have been punished, including 63 administrative detentions and 3 criminal detentions. (Finish)