Zhejiang Young Drama Performers Contest Ends with Star Platform GELOS

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  • Source: Dongyang Information Network
    Pictured: The competition scene. Photo courtesy of the organizer

    China News Network Zhejiang News June 12th (Shen Yunlan) On the 10th, the final of the 2019 "New Pine Project" Zhejiang Young Drama Actors Contest ended. The competition lasted for more than 4 months. After the Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Jinhua competitions, more than 700 people signed up to participate in 24 games.

    It is understood that the "Xinsong Plan" is an important measure for Zhejiang Province to implement the "Eight and Eighth Strategy" and the " Cultural Talent Project". Since 1505, it has implemented more than 1,150 young art talent training projects in various art categories such as opera, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, and drama. It is an important platform to promote the growth of young art talents in Zhejiang Province.

    Pictured: The competition scene. Photo courtesy of the organizer

    This year's competition has set up four categories, Group A (professional group) and Group B (non-professional group). The purpose is to allow more talented young people to have a platform to perform. According to Jin Yuhua, the Art Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, this year's contestants have performed very well, especially in Group B (non-professional group). Excellent seed emerged from everything.

    In addition, this year's game system has also broken through the past practice and added an "improvisation" link. Jin Yuhua said that the impromptu performance of the drawn questions is not only for fun, but also said that through the use of the scene and the interpretation of the topic, and then through the sound table to show several basic skills, from the side to reflect the overall quality of the actors. "Our lyrics, lyrics, lyrics, and selection of the best inspirational drama actors do not only have to look at his precocious works that have been polished repeatedly, but also pay more attention to testing the actors' ability to play on the spot." Jin Yuhua said.

    Pictured: The competition scene. Photo courtesy of the organizer

    In the selection of the finals, there were young actors Wei Peng and Wang He from Zhejiang Repertory Theatre. Our lyrics and lyrics were frank. The contest had a great impact on the client's artistic career. It will also be more active to win the stage. "After the whole game, we found that all the lyrics and lyrics of the lyrics and lyrics of the amateur group are very good. The performance of our lyrics and lyrics and lyrics is very full, and I can benefit a lot."

    It is reported that the competition and the Hong Kong star platform GELOS have close strategic business cooperation. GELOS plans to remake five classic movies starring Chow Xingchi in the next three years. The five outstanding finalists will want to participate in the filming. GELOS's Ye Jieyi and Li Busheng said in an interview at the final scene, "The direction of our lyrics and lyrics selection of actors is comedy, and we want to find other grassroots actors who are more expressive."