Zhejiang father and son "run bus" together, son is the best Father's Day gift

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  • Source: Dongyang Information Network
    The picture shows father and son dining together. Photo by Dong Meiqiao

    China News Network, Ningbo, June 14th (Lin Bo, Dong Meiqiao) On June 14, near Father's Day, Chen Feibao, driver of Bus No. 378 of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, driver Chen Feibao drove the bus back to Longshan Bus Station as usual . Entering the on-site station, opening the locker, Chen Feibao, who was preparing to eat, froze, and saw a picture in the cabinet with a big hand and a small hand in the middle, with "Father's Love Like a Mountain" next to it , Moving and funny words, I instantly moved.

    "Dad, you have worked hard and a happy holiday." I saw Chen Longhao, the son who should be resting, holding the insulated lunch box and appeared at the door.

    It turned out that Chen Feibao and Chen Longhao always wanted driver 378 of Ningbo Public Transport Zhenhai Company. Analysis of the reasons for the nature of opportunistic work, the father and son felt that they were living under the same roof, but it was really difficult to meet. Father's Day is coming, and Chen Longhao took the rest time to decide to spend two more different Father's Days for the "master" of the car buyer.

    Chen Feibao, 55, has been in the public transport system for 6 years. In the company, Chen Feibao is recognized as having a good temper on the line. He has never had a dispute with a colleague in the past 6 years of work. Over the years, he has always been praised by passengers for his driving skills and good service attitude.

    The 31-year-old Chen Longhao, under the influence of his father, has preferred cars since childhood. After retiring from the army, Chen Longhao worked as a security guard and a city manager, and still liked to deal with cars in his heart.

    The picture shows the hand-painted "Father's Love Is Like a Mountain". Photo by Dong Meiqiao

    Since Chen Feibao became a bus driver, Chen Longhao always liked to hear his father tell stories about the stability of buses, and he also became very interested in the bus industry. So with the support of his father, he entered the bus company with the efforts of car buyers. After a year of internship, Chen Longhao was officially assigned to his father's line this year, becoming his father's "colleague".

    "Concentrate while driving, don't let your safety consciousness relax at all times." This sentence Chen Feibao always loves to teach Chen Longhao. Bus No. 378 is a typical urban-rural combined line. As soon as he set foot on the job, Chen Feibao, an “old driver”, warned Chen Longhao that the bus industry has special characteristics, and he has some responsibilities, and he has no slackness in his work.

    "As a bus driver, the Ministry of Safety always has a bottom line. Let us all be fathers and sons in his house and masters and disciples in the car. He has strict requirements on me." Chen Longhao said that his father has gradually taught him in the past two years. The driving skills of the bus helped him build a sense of service.

    I feel that Chen Longhao is already familiar with the road conditions along Route 378, and Chen Feibao is still worried about his youthful vigor. Once, in order to solve his son's "off the chain" in his work, Chen Feibao sneaked into his son's car in disguise and observed his son's work situation in secret. "Young people think that the technology is passable, and as a bus industry, the services are all The main point is to treat passengers as family members and drive with care, which is also the key to being a good driver. "

    Fathers and children in the bus industry not only have understanding and tolerance, but also support and mutual assistance. "My son works hard, it ’s just the best father ’s gift." Chen Feibao said that he felt that he was on the same line and had different shifts. The father and son just hurriedly met him. He hoped that both sons could drive attentively, work hard, and be a Excellent bus driver. (Finish)