Hangzhou Transcript of Poverty Alleviation: More than 20,000 Impoverished People Stable Employment in Hangzhou

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    On-site job fairs on the way of cooperation between the eastern and western regions for poverty alleviation and labor services. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    China News Network, Zhejiang News, October 17th (Reporter Zhang Yuhuan) On the 17th, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that Hangzhou has recently released a poverty alleviation "transcript": As of the end of September, Guizhou Province has established a file of poverty-stricken people in Hangzhou to stabilize 121,506 people were employed, of which 4690 people from Qiandongnan Prefecture assisted by counterparts were employed steadily in Hangzhou; 15073 people from the poverty-stricken people who established a file in Hubei Province were employed steadily by Hangzhou, with 2,301 people from Enshi assisted by counterparts.

    In order to better carry out counter-aid work and win the battle against poverty, since this year, Hangzhou ’s human and social security system has been based on the needs of Hangzhou and its counterparts, highlighting the employment priorities of the poor, and promoting the action of thousand people to call the industry and thousand people ’s skills training. Actions, such as the Action, Thousands of Makers Cultivation Action, Thousands of Iron Army Attacking the Tough Army, and other methods of poverty alleviation and labor service cooperation in the East and West, have increased the organization of labor export.

    Labor cooperation way way workstation. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    Accurate Recruitment Achieves Thousands of Calls

    Fang Haiyang, deputy director of the Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced that in order to strengthen the employment transfer of the poor, Hangzhou held a job fair on the way to assist the poor and the poor in labor cooperation in the east and west. It organized companies with large numbers of recruits, good salary and benefits, and high job matching. Go to the corresponding area to recruit workers.

    From January to September this year, the Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security System held a total of 77 special job fairs in the counterpart assistance areas, organized 573 Hangzhou enterprises to participate, and provided a total of 63,300 poverty alleviation jobs, including the love position 1. The other eight. Contact Consulted more than 13 thousand people.

    In addition to job fairs, Hangzhou also played a role of labor service cooperation mode workstation, providing employment information, entrepreneurship guidance, skills training, and rights protection, etc. to the poverty-stricken laborers who set up files in their counterparts.

    "Everyone cooperated with the counterpart labor station in Hangzhou, and identified 220 enterprises with large domestic workers demand, good benefits and low job requirements as labor input bases, and played the role of the base to absorb employment and stabilize employment. It was commended in the theme activity of Hangzhou on National Poverty Alleviation Day. 10 employment "helping companies" for poverty alleviation, one-time reward of 300,000 yuan each. "Fang Haiyang said.

    In addition, the Hangzhou Human Resources Department also supported the establishment of 18 job placement stations in the corresponding areas of the city, and fully classified and organized the use of China's smart labor supervision and early warning function, and set up special files for the rights protection information of more than 111,500 workers in the corresponding areas. .

    Innovation and entrepreneurship training site. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    "Teaching Students According to Their Aptitude" Strengthening Skills Training

    Aiming at the goal of training 41,150 poverty-stricken people in counterparts throughout the year, Hangzhou, in accordance with the principles of “being trained for people, being trained for production, and being appointed for jobs”, accurately mobilizes poor laborers who are willing to train and employable to participate in training .

    According to Tong Tiejiang, director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Division of the Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hangzhou has continuously strengthened the pre-employment training of poor laborers who have established a file of poverty-stricken labor force in combination with opportunities such as investment invitation companies, ex-situ poverty alleviation relocation sites, poverty alleviation workshops, and non-profit job development. .

    For example, Jianggan District has established vocational skills training centers in Sansui County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou, and Enshi City, Hubei, Hubei, and jointly launched pre-employment training for poor labors in the establishment of a file. Lin'an District and Shibing County jointly launched employment poverty alleviation skills training and jobs. The village entry series assists the “double entry village” and provides professional training in farmer operation, chefs and other types of work.

    In addition, Hangzhou is also working with its counterparts to promote the " education + employment" precision poverty alleviation model. Based on the previous experience, this year it will recruit another 150 Enshi poor students who have filed for registration to Hangzhou First Technician College and Light Industry Technician College. Each student has a living subsidy of 10,000 yuan per year. Enshi Prefecture also gives each student a transportation subsidy of 1150 yuan and a living subsidy of 1150 yuan. It also awards "Zhejin Scholarship" to 20 outstanding poor students, motivating Enshi students to become talented and skillful to escape poverty.

    From January to September of this year, the Hangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Department helped the counterparts to train 7012 poor people who set up and set up cards, completing 155.8% of the target tasks.

    Cooperation Mode of East and West Network Entrepreneurship Competition. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    "Give people fishing" to cultivate new types of makers

    It is better to teach people to fish. In the process of poverty alleviation, Hangzhou also leveraged the advantages of the digital economy and innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and supported counterpart training in entrepreneurship training, online entrepreneurship training, etc., to promote development with entrepreneurship and employment with entrepreneurship.

    Not long ago, Enshi Prefecture held the 2019 Hangzhou, Enshi, and Qiandongnan East-West Cooperation Mode Network Entrepreneurship Competition. Southeastern Guizhou and Enshi Prefecture selected more than 150 projects to participate in, and Hangzhou organized experts to participate in more than 150 project teams from the two places. Mingchuang provides double-creation coaching and pre-match guidance to improve the practical operation ability of young entrepreneurs and promotes the integration of college students' online entrepreneurship into eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation strategies.

    Hangzhou City and Enshi have also established a dual-creation demonstration base, held innovation and entrepreneurship training classes, and carried out thematic training on "how to promote high-quality development of employment and entrepreneurship", "e-commerce training can accurately eliminate poverty in poor areas", and more than 220 makers. Training.

    The Society is also working hard to help the poor. For example, the development of Hangzhou university student entrepreneurial enterprises can sign a business assistance agreement with Leishan County, Southeast Qianzhou, and start the "Yongquan Plan" Leishan Enterprise Service Project. 20 university student entrepreneurial enterprises in Zhejiang Province and 20 local enterprises in Leizhou are paired one by one. To help the development of local businesses. (Finish)