Beilun Economic Investigation Promotes "Fast Small Cases, Big Cases", New Warfare Laws to Protect Economic Development

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  • Source: Dongyang Information Network
    The police are handling the case. Photo by Zhong Xin

    China News Network, Zhejiang News, November 29 (Zhang Binlinbo) A small company strung dozens of companies across the country and arrogantly issued special VAT invoices for fraudulent export tax refunds, involving tax fraud amounting to more than 7 million yuan.

    Recently, Ningbo Beilun Police cracked a tax fraud case with the highest value in local history.

    "The suspect used illegal means to obtain real product information, so as to pass the customs' electronic gate to fake the sudden appearance of goods and cheat export tax rebates." Police officer Fan, who handles the case, said, "The suspect has one more in Beilun. Trading companies, people have been doing it for more than ten years, but found that it is better to cheat you on the way to 'make money', which is going astray. "

    According to the police, the suspect Li explained that his trading company in Beilun had more than one "connection point". His last company was 4 production enterprises in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Moving up, it was dozens of companies all over the country. Textile enterprises.

    However, the Beilun Economic Investigation Brigade quickly set up a task force with more than 20 members. It took more than four months for the police to go to various places to collect evidence, involving more than 70 companies in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide, and eventually completely solved the case.

    It is understood that the successful cracking of this case is the embodiment of Beilun Economic Investigation Department's implementation of the new method of combating economic crimes, including "small case fast, big case fine".

    The number of registered companies in Beilun District ranks among the top in Ningbo. The economic development momentum is strong, and the economic environment is relatively complicated. "Ningbo City has prosecuted 62 cases of fraudulent tax fraud over the past five days, some of which are in Beilun." Fan Huifu, deputy captain of Beilun Economic Investigation Brigade, said.

    Against this background, the police introduced a new method of "small case quick, large case fine". The Economic Investigation Brigade selects some cases with simple cases and small amounts of cases to be sent out, so the criminal case "quick process" investigation; For complicated cases and high-value cases, a joint task force composed of economic investigation, taxation, and other departments will be deployed to overcome difficulties.

    As of October this year, under the guidance of the new law on "quick start of small cases and intensive handling of large cases", Beilun Economic Investigation Brigade has prosecuted more than 150 criminal suspects in the fiscal and tax fields, initiated 3 cases supervised by the Ministry of Public Security , and saved several nations. Dropping economic losses and cracking down on the rankings are among the best in Ningbo. (Finish)