US media confirms Kobe's 13-year-old daughter is also incredibly tragedy on board

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    Netease Sports Report

    Netease Sports reported on January 27:

    On January 27, Beijing time, according to various media reports, Kobe Bryant's helicopter crashed in Southern California, and no one was alive on board (a total of 9 people).

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    ABC television senior correspondent Matt Gutman revealed in a live broadcast that Kobe's child may also be on the plane.

    Bryant has four daughters. He is the coach of the second daughter, Jaina, and often takes her to watch basketball games. Gutman reports: "In fact, his four children may also be on the helicopter."

    His report was not confirmed. The news from the Los Angeles Police was that five people on board died, and if Kobe and his four daughters were among them, it didn't sound common sense.

    According to updated information from TMZ, Kobe's second daughter, Jaina, was indeed on the plane, and both her father and daughter died. It is said that they intend to participate in today's team training together.

    Jaina was born in 2006 and is about to turn 14 this year. Her athleticism has been outstanding, attracting the attention of many college women's basketball teams, Bryant also attaches great importance to her training. Not long ago, he took Jaina to the Staples Center to watch the Lakers game. LeBron also gave a high-five greeting to Jaina.

    According to Warnerowski , in addition to Kobe's father and daughter, there is another player and his parents on board. Most likely Jaina's teammate.

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