Sun Yang text: Thank you for facing the pressure and not having luck on the way to success

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    Netease Sports Report

    Netease Sports reported on January 19:

    With the men's 400m freestyle final in the FINA Championship Series Beijing, Sun Yang ended the competition between Shenzhen and Beijing with three golds and one silver and set sail for his 2020 high profile.

    After the game, Sun Yang posted on social media and reviewed the two events. Sun Yang said, "The two stations ended successfully. Victory is the best test of unremitting efforts. Thanks to the coach, the team, and the rivals who have cherished each other for all the wonderful achievements."

    At the same time, Sun Yang also thanked the strong backing outside the court. He wrote, "When leaving the old and welcoming the new, I also want to thank my parents, family and fans as my most secure and powerful backing, always accompanying and encouraging me."

    It should be said that in addition to competition in the arena, recent Sun Yang also faces the pressure of drug inspection. Just on November 15, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal held an 11-hour hearing on the case, and the final arbitration results are expected to be announced this month.

    Because of this, Sun Yang also affirmed his performance, especially in the face of difficulties and pressure on and off the field. Sun Yang said, "I also want to thank myself. In the face of difficulties and pressure, I never thought of giving up, but used hard training and excellence to step closer to my dreams."

    With three golds and one silver in the two races, Sun Yang's condition is very good. Looking ahead, he looks more confident. Sun Yang wrote, "I believe I did it, and I will do better. There is no miracle on the road to success, only the track of hard work; no luck, only courage to persevere! Come on, 2020!"

    After the two championship series at the beginning of the year, Sun Yang's next appearance will be the National Swimming Championships in Qingdao at the end of March, which will be the most important domestic competition before the Olympics. I believe Sun Yang's condition will be better then that at the beginning of the year.

    In the comment area, netizens also affirmed and supported Sun Yang. "At the beginning of the year, he won three golds in a row. In just one series, Sun Yang's 400 and 200 results have reached the podium level of the World Championships last year. It is very surprising. I believe that the next training can bring the best State to stay in the Tokyo Olympics, Sun Yang cheer up! "" No luck, only courage to persevere-this is the bottom line for your growth. May you have the highest podium in Tokyo! " , You have to take care of yourself, have time to look at the stomach, it hurts very much! We don't know what will happen in the future! But fans hope you are well! "

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