Klopp: Manchester United kicks us all the time

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    Netease Sports Report

    Netease Sports reported on January 18:

    At 00:30 on January 20, Beijing time, Liverpool will face Manchester United in Anfield. Liverpool were tied by Manchester United when they faced off for the first time in the league this season. This time back to home, Klopp's team aims to take all three points. Before the game, Uncle Jade also played a psychological battle, saying that Manchester United had been defending against Liverpool, and he confessed that he was surprised by how Manchester United's giants played this way.

    This season the Premier League has played so far, Liverpool 21 wins and 20 draws, the only game that has not won is against Manchester United. At yesterday's pre-match press conference, Solskjaer said he was satisfied with the team's last performance at Liverpool, and he was proud of it. In addition, Suo Shuai said he has found a good way to face Liverpool. However, Klopp does not seem to appreciate Manchester United's play, and his remarks today have attracted the attention of the British media .

    "It's really weird. When you are facing a high-level team, Manchester United is such a team, but their tactical choice is surprising. I don't know if I said that Manchester United has been in Defensive stuff like that, but I've probably said that. The same is true, "Klopp said. In the first confrontation this season, although Manchester United played at home, the ball possession rate was only 32%, which was far lower than Liverpool's 68%.

    In the last round of the league, Liverpool defeated Tottenham 1-0 away, Mourinho 's team also set up a bus. "Last week, we did the same against Tottenham. They are not just defensive counterattacks, but this is really their main tactic. When we face Tottenham, we have 80% of ball possession in the last 70 minutes. It ’s not normal. I say Manchester United only defends the counterattack. This is not a criticism but a description. If you have to think so, I ca n’t help it. "

    Speaking of the history of the Double Red Societies, Uncle Zha said: "I don't know the specific historical record of Manchester United and Liverpool. Both teams have had troughs and glory, not one team has always been dominant. I deeply understand For our fans, how significant this game is, it's like our game against Everton. I said a long time ago that we want to make history ourselves. "At the press conference, Klopp also confirmed Ma Both Tip and Fabinho have resumed training and can participate in the Red Cross.

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