Rams coach: want to give each player a big contract but this is not realistic

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    At the end of the season, the Los Angeles Rams will bid farewell to the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium. At the same time, they may say goodbye to some members of the team.

    "You want to see everyone get a big contract and you want to be able to keep everyone," coach Sean McVay said. "Unfortunately, this is not true, it is unrealistic."

    "You always want to be able to retain your players. As you continue to look for the best way to shape your roster, given all the factors including finances, these are things you have to find a solution to."

    "It's frustrating, but it's something you have to face, everyone has to face."

    Although nothing is certain until the official start of the offseason, NFL TV reporter Mike Silver has previously reported that the Rams may give up star running back Todd Gurley.

    Linebacker Cory Littleton, who entered the Pro Bowl this season, wants a big contract. So he and security guard Eric Weddle, passer Dante Fowler and defensive lineman Michael Brockers are all likely to be the Rams saving money. Victim. The Rams are expected to have about $ 24.23 million in cap space in 2020.

    A year ago, the Rams were preparing for the playoffs and eventually entered the Super Bowl . Now, the Rams seem ready to make big changes to the team.

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