Redskins general manager Allen will step down after regular season

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    Bruce Allen is saying goodbye to the Redskins.

    According to NBC reports, Redskins plans to fire Allen after the regular season and end his 10-year working career.

    According to reports, the difference between team owner Daniel Snyder and Allen has become more serious. Allen was hired as Executive Vice President and General Manager in 2009. His wins in the four seasons of 2015-2018 were within 7-9, and he also won the regional championship in 2015.

    Snyder's decision did not receive unanimous management support. About 25% of non- rugby operators resigned after Brian Lafemina, the chief of operations, was laid off in July. Dwayne Haskins was selected in April mainly by Allen and Snyder, and some Redskins staff preferred Daniel Jones.

    Some of Allen's decisions during his tenure were more questionable, including the release of Kirk Cousins in 2018 and the use of his 4-year-old Alex Smith as a substitute.

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