[Forecast Preview with Draw] Week 17 Sunday Night: 49 vs. Seahawks

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    The final Sunday night game of the regular season this season is approaching, and the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers will not be the focus of the Western Conference. The 49ers need victory to ensure the division championship and the National League No. 1 seed status, and the Seahawks also need to win to win the division and improve the playoff seed. Since the Seahawks opened their home ground in 2002, the 49-man away win has only 4 wins for the Seahawks. The last time they won was 2011, and they have scored below 20. Will Jimmy Garoppolo lead the team to different results? Or will the Seahawks continue the dominant performance against the 49ers at home and drive the district's deadly opponent to the No. 5 seed?


    Can Beast Mode still be powerful?

    I am afraid that apart from the competition for the regional championship and the playoff seeds, the biggest highlight of this game is to return to the Seahawks veteran running back Marshawn Lynch. I'm afraid the 49ers still remember Lynch's horrific performance, but it was more than a year ago that he played last time. Even though Lynch has been trained and kept in shape to return, can he still use his residual heat? Prior to signing Lynch and another veteran running back Robert Turbin, the Seahawks running back suffered severe injuries and only Travis Homer remained. Can they rely on Lynch to undertake the task of advancing the road? Left absence Duane Brown's absence from injury may only make matters worse.

    Can the Seahawks offense improve?

    In the past 3 games, the Seahawks scored no more than 13 points in 2 games. From the data point of view, quarterback Russell Wilson is still outstanding, averaging 258.5 yards per pass, scoring 29 touchdowns, only 5 passes were intercepted, and the quarterback scored 107.3 . But he has been sacked 25 times in the past 6 games, including 5 times in the last game against the Arizona Cardinals. Although the performance of the 49-man defensive group has declined compared to the first half of the season, it is still a terrible opponent. Can the Seahawks offense help the team win?

    The return of the wounded makes the game more exciting

    The good news for the Seahawks is that the passers Jadeveon Clowney, cornerback Shaquill Griffin and linebacker Michael Kendricks can The return, which can help them face the excellent 49 offensive team. The 49-man near-end forward George Kittle missed the first time the two teams played this season due to injury, and this time he can play healthy . In the past 5 games he completed 32 catches and scored 432 yards and 3 touchdowns. And he can open up space for teammate wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Deebo Samuel. Kitel may make the 49ers report a vengeance against their first defeat this season.

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    Competition information: December 30th (Monday) Beijing time, 9:20 am, 49 people vs. Seahawks

    Live broadcast platforms: Guangdong Sports, Five Star Sports, Tencent Sports, BesTV

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