Panther Offensive Coordinator: Give McCaffrey as many opportunities as possible

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    The Panthers don't have many expectations right now, and whether Christian McCaffrey can break the record.

    As long as it catches the ball for 67 yards, McCaffrey can become the third player in history to rush and catch the ball over a thousand yards in a single season. The two people who previously completed this achievement were Marshall Faulk (1999) and Roger Craig (1985).

    McCaffrey received 119 yards last week and 80 yards in the past three weeks. He is still sprinting for another record. With another 216 yards of total advance yards, he can break the single season record held by Chris Johnson (2509 yards, 2009).

    But McCaffrey is more willing to win, he said: "People do discuss the record, but after all I care about victory."

    Offensive coordinator Scott Turner said: "We will give him as many opportunities as possible. You also know that the game is difficult to predict. But this achievement (if achieved) will be great."

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