The 15th Women's Congress will be held in the near future

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□ Chief reporter Sun Xinping

The 15th Municipal Women's Congress will be held in the near future. Yesterday afternoon, the city held the 15th Women's Congress Delegate Work Deployment Meeting. Hu Yongchun, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, attended the meeting.

An important topic of the 15th Municipal Women's Congress is elections, which is not only a major event in the political life of women in the city, but also an important political task. Through this election, the structure of the women's federation's executive committee and the team of women cadres in terms of age, knowledge, profession, ability, etc. will be further optimized to achieve complementary advantages and continuously improve service capabilities.

Township and townships will solidly promote the selection of women's representatives. Relevant departments will do a good job in the joint evaluation of representatives in accordance with the joint review standards to ensure the selection of representatives with excellent ability, good style, strong sense of responsibility, women's recognition, and love for women and children .

Hu Yongchun pointed out that it is necessary to further promote the "party building with women's construction and women's service to party construction" through this representative election, and further demonstrate Dongyang's style.