The Third Member Conference of the Charity Federation

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□ Reporter Huang Yongqiang

Yesterday afternoon, the third general meeting of the Municipal Charity Federation and the first council of the third session were held in the Municipal Administration Center. Fu Xianming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, gave a speech. Leaders such as Zhu Zhijie, Bu Yanan, Hu Yongchun, Fang Xuefei, Chen Jun, Zhao Xiaoxian attended the meeting.

Since the second general meeting in September 2012, the City Charity Federation has continuously improved its ability to raise funds. The " Charity Day Donation " activity has become an important platform for love, the "Charity Title Fund" has continued to grow, and "directed donations" have been icing on the cake. The "Founding Fund" has achieved significant investment returns, and the disaster relief donations show great love; it adheres to the mission of helping the poor and the poor, and has played an active role in disaster relief, difficulty relief, helping the elderly, helping major illnesses, and helping students, and has spent charitable assistance. The gold was 71.78 million yuan, benefiting more than 100,000 people. At the same time, the Municipal Charity Federation also strengthened the improvement of grass-roots organizations and actively expanded charitable public welfare organizations ; worked hard to promote the promotion of charitable culture and continuously optimized the development environment of charity; strengthened its own construction and continuously improved the good image of charity; Carried out special activities; cooperated with government departments to deepen reform and innovation in the field of charity, and won many honors such as “Zhejiang Excellent Charity Organization”.

Fu Xianming fully affirmed the achievements of the Municipal Charity Federation in the past seven years, and pointed out that charity, connected with countless people who are willing to give love, and connected with many people who are looking for help, is a humanitarian spirit Glorious cause is also a great cause of worrying for the country, relieving the people, and promoting the harmonious development of society. Dongyang people have strength and enthusiasm. This is our greatest source of confidence and strength to do good charity work.

Fu Xianming emphasized that charity has always been an excellent gene in Chinese traditional culture. Dongyang people have always had a fine tradition of giving, giving and watching. It is necessary to combine cultural heritage and civilization to do philanthropy, take the initiative to integrate philanthropy into the overall urban development, make the city warmer with charity, and use the power of charity to help the construction of civilization in Dongyang. It is necessary to open up fundraising channels, carry out precise assistance, continue to stimulate and amplify the positive energy of charity, help with ideas, use key points, and do a charitable cause that keeps pace with the times. We must firmly grasp the three key links of fundraising, management, and use, and constantly improve the level of standardization and rule of law; establish an open and transparent operating mechanism to make charity more open and transparent, and be a standard, transparent and credible charity. We must make every effort to build a working pattern of party committee leadership, government leadership, charity association leadership, department coordination, and public participation, and be strong leaders and participate in a wide range of philanthropy.

The conference elected the members of the third council of the Municipal Charity Federation and the new leadership team, and Zhang Weiwei was elected executive chairman.