Strive to build a political ecology

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Reporter Huang Yongqiang Photography Bao Kangxuan

On the morning of November 28, the Dongyang City Leading Cadres' Clean Government Education Conference was held at the Dongyang Administration Center. Lang Wenrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and director of the Supervisory Committee was invited to make a special report on integrity education. Fu Xianming, secretary of the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting, and Lou Langjian, Zhu Zhijie, Bu Yanan, and Hu Yongchun attended the meeting.

Participants watched the warning education film "Don't worry about the pain-Warning Record of a Series of Corruption Cases in Dongyang City" shot by the Jinhua City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Later, Lang Wenrong comprehensively inspected the situation, including inspections, supervision and inspection, case investigations, and petition reports, and analyzed the current situation from three aspects: “retrospecting the existing problems”, “deeply drawing lessons from blood”, “in-depth promotion of rectification and improvement”. Dongyang's political ecological environment, experience and lessons and efforts.

Lang Wenrong affirmed the unremitting efforts made by the previous municipal committees of Dongyang City in promoting a marked improvement in the political ecology of Dongyang City. At the same time, it has been pointed out that since 2018, a number of provincial and administrative cadres of Dongyang nationality who have been under the jurisdiction of Jinhua City have been investigated and dealt with. Cadres have been dealt with badly by the Party's disciplinary and administrative affairs and held accountable, with profound lessons. Investigating the reasons, there are eight aspects of Dongyang's political ecology, which are mainly manifested in: not talking about politics and not obeying rules; improperly selecting and employing people; the leading geese's effect is not strong; the "Four Winds" rebounded, and "cigarette tickets" flooded; Both want to be an official and to get rich; corruption in key areas is prone to occur frequently; pampering encourages evil forces; weakening the awareness of serving the public.

Lang Wenrong pointed out that the concentrated outbreak of Dongyang series of disciplinary and illegal cases and the morbidity of political ecology can be summed up in seven main lessons: the action gap caused by deviations in ideology and understanding, the loss of the bottom line caused by the loss of ideals and beliefs, and "two responsibilities" Weak supervision results in the absence of supervision, conflicts of interest caused by insufficient power constraints, local contradictions triggered by improper governance at the grassroots level, hidden dangers of disciplinary violations caused by lax family style and tutoring, and a political environment influenced by regional traditional culture . It is precisely because these bad factors are interwoven that the ills of Dongyang's political ecology are accumulated and gradually worsened.

Lang Wenrong emphasized that some party members and leading cadres were investigated and dealt with, and the successful completion of related cases disposal provided a great opportunity for the reconstruction of Dongyang's political ecology. The majority of party members and cadres in Dongyang City must thoroughly clean up all kinds of dirt attached to the political ecology of Dongyang, and devote themselves to the vivid practice of a new round of development in Dongyang with a clean, refreshing and good atmosphere. It is necessary to comprehensively carry out "promoting reforms by case", continue to deepen warning education, and do a good job of the second half of the investigation of relevant cases; we must consolidate the "two responsibilities" and truly fulfill the responsibility of keeping the soil and fulfilling the responsibility; Deepen the "three clean-ups and one specification", and resolutely prevent "fish leaking from the net"; we must deepen the "cigarette ticket" rectification, and never allow the "cigarette ticket" problem to recur; we must solve the "four no" problem, and resolutely rectify inaction, Slowness is a problem; we need to reform and improve grassroots governance and build a mass foundation for the party to govern; we must set an example by taking the lead and being an innovator who has the courage to fight, a respecter of the law and discipline, and a promising struggler.

Fu Xianming pointed out when presiding the meeting that he should take the case as a lesson and deeply analyze the deep-seated causes of a series of corruption cases, and resolutely prevent the party from ruling the party and let loose the phenomenon of looseness; resolutely put an end to the good guys and protect the calves; resolutely overcome the fear Expose problems, be afraid to affect image, dare not show attitude, and dare not fight resolutely; resolutely investigate and punish political life within the party. The leadership and supervision of grass-roots party committees are in a formal way, and even coexist with evil forces, criminals and criminals . The problem.

Fu Xianming emphasized that we must learn from the case and deeply understand the bad effects brought about by the destruction of political ecology. These leading cadres have been investigated and affected, affecting and undermining the image of the party and government in the eyes of the people of Dongyang, hindering the economic and social development of Dongyang; destroying the party style and government style, as well as grassroots cadres and society, Fuels social injustice. We should learn from the case, learn lessons from the past, learn from their communication methods, illegal behaviors, and the consequences of violations of laws and disciplines, and prevent them from getting into trouble. We must learn from the case, never forget our original intentions, be absolutely loyal, take responsibility, and be determined to do something. Party committees at all levels must earnestly shoulder the political responsibility of governing the party, truly fulfill the responsibility of keeping the soil, and fulfill their duties, and resolutely put an end to the "cigarette ticket" issue, resolutely put an end to gangs, resolutely use power to seek private gain, resolutely put an end to selective services, and work hard Create a good political ecology with a good atmosphere, and write a new chapter in Dongyang's high-quality development.

Dongyang Minister of People and Armed Forces, Political Commissar, Two Chiefs of Legal Examination, Deputy County Leaders; Members of the leadership teams of towns, townships, and departmental units; Dongyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the cadres of the resident agencies and inspection agencies attended the meeting.