Gao Gangcheng Art Association Creation Base

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Correspondent Jin Yizhen Zhu Kaidi

On the morning of November 30th, the creation base of the Municipal Artists Association was unveiled in Gaogang Natural Village, Siguang Village, Zuocun Town. Jiang Lingshu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Minister of Publicity, attended the unveiling ceremony.

Before the ceremony, the guests attended the tour and visited the appearance of Rongao Village. Since April this year, with the support of Zuocun Town Party Committee and the government, the village has actively carried out the establishment of "Shimei Village". Villages have widened roads, built parks, built landscape nodes, and remodeled the facades of houses. A series of actions changed the face of the village dramatically and were successfully created in September. Li Gaogang also integrated poetry and solar terms into the village environment, creating an idyllic village. The eye-pleasing beauty made the visitors pleasing to the eyes, and also the members of the City Artists Association who were present, "hand itching", one after another splashing ink into the art creation. Members of the Municipal Artists Association presented the works such as "Gao Gang Chen Lu" on site to the village committees to dress up the village.

After the unveiling ceremony, Li Gaogang became the third creative base of the City Artists Association and the first creative base established in the township. In the future, the City Artists Association will occasionally organize members to the base to carry out activities, while strengthening the communication between members, and further help the construction of beautiful villages in Ligaogang.