"Five perfect" requirements to do a good job in public security

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Reporter Huang Yongqiang

On the morning of November 29, the Dongyang City Public Security Work Conference was held at the Municipal Administration Center. Fu Xianming, Lou Langjian, Zhu Zhijie, Bu Yanan, Hu Yongchun, Ye Wenwei, Chen Deliang, Hu Yuxiang and other leaders attended.

Fu Xianming, the secretary of the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee, pointed out in his speech that since 2019, the public security organs of Dongyang City and the general public security police have faithfully performed their duties, forged ahead, and dared to take responsibility for maintaining stability and robustness. The effectiveness of combating crime is obvious. The service development is proactive and team building Effective and effective, it has made important contributions to promoting the overall stability and economic development of the city.

Fu Xianming pointed out that at present, the social security situation in Dongyang City is generally improving, but there are concerns in the good situation, stability in the danger, and various hidden risks cannot be ignored. The next 3-5 years will also be the "five key periods" for Dongyang to accelerate its development. Doing a good job in the current and future public security work has arduous tasks, glorious missions and great responsibilities. It is necessary to combine the education of the theme of "do not forget the original intention and remember the mission", keep to the original intention, take on the mission, find gaps, and grasp the implementation, and make every effort to forge a high-quality and excellent public security team that reassures the party and satisfies the people.

Fu Xianming emphasized that it is necessary to deeply understand General Secretary Xi Jinping 's important thoughts on strengthening public security work, and to enhance the consciousness and action of public security work in the new era. It is necessary to grasp the positioning of duties, maintain national political security, ensure the stability of the overall situation of society, promote social fairness and justice, and ensure that people live and work in peace. Clarify the overall requirements, be loyal to the party, serve the people, be fair in law enforcement, and have strict discipline. Build a strong team, adhere to political police building, comprehensively administer the police strictly, and strive to forge a public security team with iron-like ideals, conscientious responsibilities, strong skills, and discipline. Out of the road of strong police, adhere to political police, reform police, science and technology police, strict police management. Adhere to the principle of strong police, and always adhere to the party's absolute leadership over public security work. To achieve ambitious goals, strive to make the people ’s sense of security more substantial, more secure, and more sustainable, to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to achieve the “two hundred years” goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to create a safe and stable Political and social environment.

Fu Xianming emphasized that we must do a good job of public security work in our city with the "five excellent" requirements. All police officers and police must be politically hard-polished, have unswerving ideals and convictions, have unforgettable initial feelings for the people, have a fair and just value pursuit, and have a conscious action that obeys the overall situation. We must fulfill our mission with responsibilities, keep the bottom line, and resolutely safeguard the country's political security; focus on issues and effectively maintain the stability of the overall situation of the society; In order to win the war, we must fight for reform, fight for science and technology, and fight for management, and build an iron army that can fight at all times. We must have a good work style, have the courage to dare to fight, take the initiative to take the initiative, refrain from refuge, and earnestly shoulder the major responsibilities given by the party and the people. It is necessary to achieve strong discipline and integrity, and build a disciplined and honest army through strict education, strict management, and strict supervision.

Fu Xianming emphasized that we must uphold and strengthen the party ’s absolute leadership over public security work, penetrate the party ’s leadership into all areas of public security work, further create a good atmosphere that supports and cooperates with public security work, comprehensively implement preferential treatment of police, and promote public security work to a new level.

Hu Yongchun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, deployed the current work on safety and stability, requiring all localities and departments to recognize the situation, identify weaknesses, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency for safety and stability; highlight the key points, break through the difficulties, and go all out to promote peace Resolve difficulties in construction; strengthen responsibilities, pay attention to methods, implement various measures to maintain peace and stability, and ensure the successful realization of the "fourteen consecutive championships" in safety construction.