Promote the city's armed work to a higher level

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Reporter Huang Yongqiang Bao Kangxuan Correspondent Chen Guoqing

On the afternoon of November 29, the meeting of the members of the Standing Committee of the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee was held in the Ministry of People's Armed Forces of Dongyang City. Fu Xianming, Secretary of the Dongyang Municipal Party Committee and First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Dongyang Municipal People ’s Armed Forces Department, presided over the meeting and spoke. Lou Langjian, Zhu Zhijie, Bu Yanan, Hu Yongchun, Wang Tianren, Liu Weixia, Ye Wenwei, Fang Xuefei, Jiang Lingshu and other Dongyang city leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Sun Jie, political commissar of the People's Armed Forces Department of Dongyang City, conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents of the superior; He Haoliang, Minister of the People's Armed Forces Department of Dongyang City, reported on the annual armed work.

Since 2019, the Ministry of People's Armed Forces of Dongyang has made full use of the political and institutional advantages of the party to control the armed forces, and has strongly promoted the transformation and rebuilding of national defense mobilization and reserve forces. The ideological and political construction has been strengthened. The emergency response capability has been steadily improved. It plays a promising role in serving local development, showing a good situation in which economic and social development and the building of national defense reserve forces promote and coordinate with each other. In July 2019, Dongyang City won the honorary title of Provincial Model City of Double Support.

After fully affirming the achievements of Dongyang City's party control armed work this year, Fu Xianming pointed out that it is necessary to improve the standing position, align with the benchmarks, and perform the party's political control of armed control with a higher attitude. Fully recognize the new situation faced by the party's management of armed forces in the fresh age, and actively adapt to the new changes in the function of party management of the armed forces in the new era, and always regard the management and establishment of armed forces as a political project that reflects the party spirit, a performance project that performs achievements, and a support for development. The bottom project, put it in an important position, put it in your heart, grasp it, and implement it in action.

Fu Xianming emphasized the need to reform and innovate to meet the difficulties and raise the level of armed work construction to a higher standard. We must firmly grasp the central task of training and preparing for war, make good use of the favorable opportunities of the militia to adjust and reform, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and effectively understand the base of the reserve force under its jurisdiction, and effectively organize and accurately build according to the needs of the tasks performed. We must firmly grasp the key task of recruiting soldiers, keep an eye on improving the quality of recruiting soldiers, firmly establish the working idea of “early planning, early deployment, and early deployment”, further improve the working mechanism, strictly standard conditions, grasp physical inspection, political review, Visited key links such as investigations, approval of military appointments, and honest recruitment. We must firmly grasp the basic project of grassroots construction, co-ordinate the standardized construction of software and hardware at this level, attach great importance to the construction of specialized military cadres, and provide strong organizational guarantee for grassroots armed forces.

Fu Xianming emphasized that it is necessary to carry forward the tradition, consolidate the results, and promote the joint development of military-civilian joint construction with higher requirements. We must care about and support the construction of the army, further improve the dual support work mechanism, come up with concrete and feasible methods, and truly reflect the professional respect of soldiers; strive to solve the "back road, backyard, and future generation" issues that officers and soldiers are most concerned about, and continuously improve the management of retired soldiers Protection. It is necessary to give full service to the work of the center, give full play to the personnel, equipment, and technical advantages of the army, and do more good things for the masses, do practical things, and solve difficult problems. It is necessary to promote the full coverage of national defense education, do a good job of national defense education for the whole people, do good deeds and do small things, continue to promote the extended coverage of the "81 Hall of Fame" and "Military Honor Wall", explore and promote the " film defense" education model, and focus on building a large national defense education pattern.

Dongyang Municipal People ’s Armed Forces Party Committee member, municipal finance bureau, human resources and social security bureau, retired military affairs bureau, state-owned assets office attended the meeting.

On the same day, leaders from Dongyang City, including Fu Xianming, Lou Langjian, Zhu Zhijie, Bu Yanan, and Hu Yongchun, also went to a certain naval aviation unit to carry out "Military Day" activities, watch troop development documentaries, learn military knowledge, and experience military camp life To further strengthen the concept of national defense.