Wild vegetables in spring ~ How to make cold fold ears (leaf)

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    • 野折耳根 Wild ear root

    • 取叶径部分,用水冲洗 2. Take the leaf diameter part and rinse with water

    • 有部分根须泥土需洗净 3.Some roots must be washed

    • 去掉根须泥土 4. Remove the root whisker soil

    • 放入一个稍大的碗里 5. Put in a slightly larger bowl

    • 加入食盐味精 6. Add salt MSG

    • 加入花椒面 7. Add pepper noodles

    • 加入油辣子 8. Add oil and pepper

    • 加入一勺香油 9. Add a spoonful of sesame oil

    • 加入一勺醋和生抽 10. Add a spoonful of vinegar and soy sauce

    • 加入一勺葵花油和芝麻油 11. Add a spoonful of sunflower oil and sesame oil

    • 装盘,酸辣爽口,一口一新鲜,爱吃这味道的就会知道多美味 12. Loaded, hot and sour, refreshing, bite-by-bit, fresh, and those who love this taste will know how delicious it is

    • 加入一勺白糖,把刚才加入的佐料和均匀 13. Add a spoonful of white sugar and mix the seasoning just added.


    1. Old leaves need to be removed. Do not rub them one by one when washing 2. Remove the roots and roots 3. Clean the seasoning according to personal taste