3 years old + baby energy breakfast super energy sandwich method

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    Health benefits

    Beef: tonify the spleen and stomach, strengthen bones and bones, and nourish qi and blood

    Eggs: moisturizing

    Ketchup: protects the nervous system

    • 牛肉用刀背拍松 1. Beef pat loose with the back of a knife

    • 加入盐,黑胡椒,酱油,轻轻按摩腌制入味 2. Add salt, black pepper and soy sauce, massage gently and marinate to taste

    • 牛肉的营养:富含蛋白质,氨基酸组成比猪肉更接近人体需要,能提高机体抗病能力,特别适合生长发育中的孩子。 3. Beef nutrition: rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer to human needs than pork, can improve the body's disease resistance, and is especially suitable for growing children.

    • 将面包片放在平底锅中烤香 4. Toast the bread in a pan

    • 面包的选择:最好用全麦面包,全麦面包营养价值比白面包高,富含人体所需的多种维生素 、矿物质、纤维素等,对疲倦、腰酸背痛、食欲不振等病均有一定的预防和食疗效果。 5. Bread selection: It is best to use whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread has higher nutritional value than white bread. It is rich in various vitamins , minerals, and cellulose required by the human body. It is good for tiredness, backache, and loss of appetite. The disease has certain preventive and dietetic effects.

    • 煎鸡蛋 6. Fried eggs

    • 鸡蛋看起来简单,但是其中学问不少。 7. Eggs look simple, but they have a lot of knowledge. Egg yolk frying is not effective for sterilization and is not good for children's health. The traditional method of egg yolk cooked protein has been burnt, the nutrition loss is large and the taste is affected. Let's introduce a clever trick of fried eggs. Add a small spoon of water when frying eggs, then quickly cover the lid, the yolk is mature and the protein is not old.

    • 取出煎蛋,再将腌制好的牛肉煎成饼 8. Take out the fried eggs and fry the marinated beef

    • 将生菜、芝士、牛肉饼、煎蛋依次码在面包片上,可以根据孩子的口味涂抹沙拉酱和番茄酱 9. Code the lettuce, cheese, beef patties, and fried eggs in order on the bread slices, and apply the salad dressing and tomato sauce according to the child's taste

    • 切成三角,稍加心思还可以做成孩子喜欢的造型 10. Cut into triangles, you can also make the shape that children like with a little thought

    • 可以搭配一杯牛奶或者果汁饮料 11. Can be paired with a glass of milk or juice drink

    • 俗话说:一日之计在于晨。 12. As the saying goes: The plan of the day lies in the morning. From a nutrition perspective, breakfast is really important. Because of the nutritional intake of dinner , after a night's rest has been digested and exhausted, the baby wakes up early in the morning and has a strong appetite. Therefore, breakfast is the child's favorite meal, and it is also the parent's most satisfying meal. Eggs and milk are frequent guests of breakfast, but a protein-only breakfast is not enough. Carbohydrates are also added as staple foods, and fruits and vegetables rich in various vitamins. Breakfast is comprehensive to get the day off to a good start.