• Wild vegetables in spring ~ How to make cold fold ears (leaf)

    1. Wild fold ear root 2. Take the leaf diameter part and rinse with water 3. Some root whisker soil needs to be washed 4. Remove the root whisker soil 5. Put in a slightly larger bowl 6. Add salt MSG 7. Add pepper pepper noodles 8. Add oil and spicy seeds 9. Add a spoonful of sesame oil 10. Add a spoonful of vinegar and


  • Stir-fried tomatoes with potato shreds-home cooking

    Introduction: Xiangha recipes will provide you with pictures of potato shredded tomatoes and homemade dishes. It also includes a description of the ingredients and cooking time for potato shredded tomatoes and homemade dishes, and potato shredded tomatoes and homemade dishes. Tips and tricks to get you started


  • How to make the taste of grilled chicken wings that both babies and adults love

    Health benefits Chicken wings: Maintain skin and mucous membrane health Cooking wine: Low protein onion: Insecticide 1. Wash chicken wings and soak bloody water 2. Add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, onion ginger, peppercorns, star anise, cinnamon . 3. Poke with a fork to marinate for at least the taste


  • The practice of black bean walnut black rice paste (tonifying kidney)

    Introduction: Xiangha recipes will provide you with explanations on the steps of black bean walnut black rice paste (tonifying kidney), along with a description of the materials and cooking time required for the practice of black bean walnut black rice paste (tonifying kidney), and black bean walnut black rice paste (Kidney) Practice Tips and Tricks to Get You


  • The practice of lazy chicken wings (electric pressure cooker version)

    Health Benefits Chicken Wings: Maintains healthy skin and mucous membranes. Onion: Insecticide sugar: Low protein. 1. Clean chicken wings. 2. Add salt 3. Cooking wine. 4. Raw soy. 5. Old pumping. 6. Spiced powder. 7. Fuel consumption. 8. Scratch well. 9. Sprinkle with white sugar. 10. Grasp and marinate


  • 3 years old + baby energy breakfast super energy sandwich method

    Health benefits beef: spleen and stomach, strong bones, qi and blood eggs: moisturizing tomato sauce: to protect the nervous system 1. beef with pine knife back to beat loose 2. add salt, black pepper, soy sauce, gently massage and marinate flavor 3. beef's Nutrition: rich in protein, amino acid composition is closer than pork


  • 150g rice (one cup)

    Rice alias: Rice taboo population: people with diabetes eat less. Suitable crowd: The general population can eat. Basic introduction of rice Rice is the finished product after the rice is cleaned, hulled, milled, and finished. The cleaning process is to use the right equipment,


  • How to make scallop winter vegetable and silverfish porridge (chaoshan classic seafood porridge)

    1. 250 grams of fresh anchovies, wash and drain. 2. Shred chicken breasts and marinate them with oil to make them tender. Dried scallops in advance, shredded ginger, green onion and coriander seeds, spare 3. Chaoshan winter vegetables, white pepper, spare PS: If you have Hainan pepper, it will taste better. unfortunately


  • The practice of chicken rice slice soup (baby complementary food)

    1. Rice is cleaned and soaked for half an hour 2. Carrots are peeled and cut into small cubes and steamed 3. Put the soaked rice in a blender and add 100ml water to beat it finely 4. Pour out the whipped rice and sieve 5. Inside the pot舀 Appropriate amount of rice cereal, fry over low heat until the rice cereal is solidified and translucent


  • The practice of Chaoshan shrimp and crab casserole porridge (chaoshan casserole porridge)

    1. Rinse the rice, soak it for 1 hour, drain the water, add 2 teaspoons of salad oil and stir well; 2. Pour the rice into a clean casserole, add bone broth and simmer for 2 minutes. Stir with a spoon; turn to low heat for 2 minutes and cook for 30 minutes