When coffee shops "transform" public cultural service outlets

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    The construction of the cultural service system brings unique advantages, and at the same time, it can be different from the surrounding counties and cities. Since 2017, the focus has been on the commercial development of ...

    Kuiwen District is located in the core urban area of Weifang City, Shandong Province. It is named after the Qing Dynasty “Kuiwen Gate” was built in the area. The location of the "Golden Lot" brings unique advantages to the construction of the public cultural service system in Kuiwen District, and at the same time, it can be different from the surrounding counties and cities. Since 2017, focusing on the current state of commercial development and densely crowded people in the district, Kuiwen District has put forward the concept of “developing public culture by leveraging the power”: by attracting the participation of social forces, shopping malls, theaters, coffee shops, etc. have become “modern” The outlets of the public cultural service system have won the recognition of the local people.

    On December 8th, in a coffee shop along the street in Kuiwen District, Geng Mengmeng held a book and sat on the sofa by the window. Geng Mengmeng has worked in a private enterprise and has been in Kuiwen District for 3 years. She likes to read books. She used to go to the Weifang Library, but it took half an hour to drive from home. A year ago, a "reading corner" was added to this coffee shop in front of the house, and the books came from the Kuiwen District Library. Geng Mengmeng is very happy. The library in Kuiwen District will regularly replace the book in the coffee shop. She now sits every weekend.

    Today, Kuiwen District has 26 places for Geng Mengmeng who cannot read and love art . They can also be located in core shopping malls, art training institutions in commercial streets, and comprehensive cultural service centers in urban communities. Which places and local venues rely on the strength of the Kuiwen District Cultural Center, library.

    The director of Kuiwen District Culture and Tourism Bureau Wang Ting said that the construction of local cultural centers and libraries has entered a stage of rapid development since 2017. The former Ministry of Culture and other issues issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of the Main Branch of the County-level Cultural Center Library", which provided an important follow-up method for promoting the integration of grass-roots resources and the improvement of service efficiency in Kuiwen District.

    The county-level cultural center and library general branch system are expected to have good results, but how exactly should they be implemented? The cadres and workers of Kuiwen District's public cultural field, together with art lovers, etc., started a "brainstorm". Relatives and relatives The first thing that makes it difficult for us to deal with is what places should be included in the construction of the "branches".

    "The fundamental purpose of the main branch system is to shorten the distance between the people and the service. Therefore, from the beginning, the new cultural facilities have nothing to do. Relatives and relatives let us consider it." Wang Ting said, These counties and cities are different. Kuiwen District is located in the core urban area of Weifang City. The population is relatively concentrated and land resources are limited. It is difficult to add new service outlets.

    Based on the actual conditions, the relevant departments of Kuiwen District turned their attention to the places along the street that are related to the development of public services. After a very thorough investigation, the relevant local authorities put forward a vision: to cooperate with shopping malls and other institutions to achieve a win-win situation through resource sharing.

    After intensive "negotiations", this work was carried out between the relevant departments of Kuiwen District and the community, shopping malls, and coffee shops: The hardware conditions of public service facilities in East Shangyu Community of Guangwen Street are good, and they will be set up by the Cultural Museum For the branch, as a fixed place for public welfare training; Xinye Community, Balibao Street is close to several Shandong provincial cultural protection units. The Kuiwen District Library has set up a red theme book branch here as a position for revolutionary education ...

    After hard work, Kuiwen District has clarified the characteristics and themes of the 26 branches in the past two years. Some shopping malls have "transformed" into the branch of the Kuiwen District Cultural Center and set up a Kuiwen non-heritage exhibition hall; some coffee shops respond to the needs of readers and combine the resources of the Kuiwen District library to organize a "reading salon"; Citizens of calligraphy and painting can not enter the painting and calligraphy rooms of some streets, possibility art training institutions, accept branch services provided by the Cultural Museum of Kuiwen District ...

    Wang Ting believes that the construction of the county branch cultural center and library's general branch system is essentially the activation and sharing of resources. By attracting social forces to join, the previously idle resources are revitalized. At the same time, for cultural centers and libraries, the establishment of branches has extended the reach of public service agencies.

    Wang Ting introduced that at present the preliminary branch library system construction in Kuiwen District has achieved initial results. Starting from 2020, the local community will focus on content construction, vigorously develop cultural volunteer services, and allow art and art lovers from enterprises, schools and other institutions to join the "art and skill sharing" team to further enrich the service content of each branch. (Su Rui, our reporter in Shandong)