"Summer Fairy Xiaoxiang" National Symphony Concert in Hunan Plays a Song of Cultural Exchange between China and Foreign Countries

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    Source: Department of Culture and Tourism of Hunan Province

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    [Introduction] On the evening of December 9, a large-scale national symphony concert of "Xiuxiu Xiaoxiang" hosted by Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and hosted by Hunan Provincial Xiang Theater was held in Changsha Concert Hall. Overseas Confucius Institutes attending the 2019 International Chinese Education Conference and representatives of the world's Chinese language teaching self-study, Chinese departments of foreign universities, and Chinese language teaching research institutions ...

    On the evening of December 9,


    Provincial culture and


    The large-scale national symphony concert of "Xiaoxiu Xiaoxiang" hosted by the Hunan Provincial Xiang Opera Theater


    Concert hall. Nearly 50,000 Chinese and foreign guests attended the 2019 International Chinese Education Conference, including representatives from overseas Confucius Institutes and self-study representatives of Chinese language teaching in the world, leaders of the Chinese department and Chinese teaching and research institutions of foreign universities. Tian Xuejun, Deputy Minister of Education ,

    Hunan Province

    Vice Governor Wu Guiying and Bai


    First Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism Durnov Vyacheslav attended.

    The concert begins with the Chinese classic "Festival Overture". Subsequently, the popular classic local folk song "Liuyang River", Sang Zhi folk song "Masang Shuer set up a lampstand", Erhu concerto "Central Hunan narrative", the famous suona solo song "Hundred Birds and Phoenix" performed in turn. The classic sings of Xiang opera, flower drum opera, Beijing opera, Guqin and Kunqu made Chinese and foreign guests fascinated. Finally, with a magnificent Chinese and Western percussion concerto "The Sun", the Chinese national drum and western percussion instruments were integrated into one. .

    The whole performance is very characteristic of the Hunan region. Hunan artists used exquisite techniques to show the outstanding traditional culture and art of China, the confidence of the nation and the charm of music. The rough culture and art feast won warm applause from Chinese and foreign guests. .

    It is reported that this concert was performed by the Hunan Hunan National Music Orchestra, including Hunan Provincial Theater, Hunan Vocational College of Arts, Hunan Flower Drum Opera Protection and Heritage Center, Hunan Province Peking Opera Protection and Heritage Center and 10 units participated in the performance.

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