Xiamen Metro supports UnionPay fast payment across the entire gate

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    [Introduction] Recently, the entire Xiamen subway line has been opened to accept UnionPay flash payment. It is the 60th city in the subway scene to support UnionPay mobile payment products. It is also the Xiamen public transportation after Xiamen public transport supports UnionPay flash payment and ride code in May this year The UnionPay mobile payment acceptance scope has been upgraded again. From now on, Xiamen citizens use 62 ...

    Recently, the Xiamen Metro opened to accept UnionPay flash payment. It is the 60th city that supports UnionPay mobile payment products in the subway scene. It is also the Xiamen Public Transport UnionPay mobile payment after Xiamen Bus supported the UnionPay flash payment and boarding code in May this year. The scope of acceptance is upgraded again.

    From now on, Xiamen citizens can use UnionPay IC cards starting with 62 (including credit and debit cards) or UnionPay mobile flash payment (including HuaweiPay, MiPay, OPPOPay, vivoPay, ApplePay, SamsungPay, MeizuPay) to enter and exit the gate at the subway "Pay as soon as you flash" quickly cross the brakes, making it easy to ride. At present, more than 60 self-service ticket vending machines at all stations of Xiamen Metro have supported the use of UnionPay QR codes to purchase tickets, and the Xiamen Metro APP has also opened the online ticket purchase function of the Cloud Payment App.

    The full launch of UnionPay Flash Payment in Xiamen Metro this time has greatly facilitated the travel of local people. Together, it has provided more efficient and convenient payment services for nearly 90 million visitors to Xiamen every year. In the near future, UnionPay will also jointly launch the Xiamen Metro and Xiamen BRT UnionPay boarding codes with Xiamen Rail Transit Group to bring more convenience for the general public.

    In recent years, China UnionPay has continuously innovated the application of mobile payment products in the field of transportation. UnionPay mobile payment products such as UnionPay QuickPay and UnionPay QR codes have been launched on subways in nearly 60 cities and buses in nearly 160 cities. In the future, China UnionPay will continue to uphold the purpose of financial innovation to serve the people 's livelihood , continue to cultivate in more travel scenarios, and help urban green travel.

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