Women with long spots eat hawthorn

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    Original title: 8 kinds of diet conditioning recipes for women with long spots to eat hawthorn

    Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to physical fitness, and women commonly have 8 types of physique: depression, phlegm, damp-heat, and blood stasis ... How should these 8 types of women maintain health? Xiao Bian gives 8 kinds of physical fitness diet recipes for women, simple tea therapy + food, to hold women's health .

    Some people say that beautiful women are made out, and some people say that beautiful women are made out. In fact, really beautiful women eat out. Xiao Bian tells you that 8 kinds of constitutional women eat this way, can nourish the blood and beauty, tender skin and anti-aging.

    Blood Stasis Type: "Love Long Spot" Eats Hawthorn

    Features: ecchymoses develop before the age of 50, women have dysmenorrhea, rough skin, a lot of red silk in the eyes, and easy bleeding of gums.

    Health Recommendation: Hawthorn Brown Sugar Water.

    Hawthorn can promote blood circulation and stasis, and brown sugar can promote blood circulation and blood circulation. The combination of the two has a good effect on regulating blood stasis. In addition, people with blood stasis should eat more black beans.

    Depression type: "Sister Lin" drinking rose tea

    Features: thin body shape, sentimental feeling, do not love group, often feeling depressed, sighing for no reason, prone to insomnia.

    Health recommendations: rose tea, lemon tea, kumquat tea.

    Drinking water with dried roses has the effects of relieving liver and stagnation, regulating qi and activating blood. Kumquats can be brewed with tea or eaten, and they can also be used for qi. Lemon tea can improve people's depression. It is said that Song Meiling drinks lemon tea sooner or later. This is one of her health tips.

    In addition, you can choose more foods such as daylily, kelp, hawthorn and other foods that have the effect of reducing qi and depression, and participate in group activities.

    Yin deficiency type: "mouth dry tribe" eat fungus mulberry

    Features: "Easy to dry mouth, dry skin, dry eyes, dry stools, I always feel very dehydrated. The body is thin and prone to insomnia.

    Health recommendations: fungus and mulberry.

    Black fungus and white fungus are both foods for yin, and mulberry is also very good

    Why do some people get fat when they drink water? This is caused by different constitutions. In fact, less than a third of the people have a peaceful constitution, that is, an impartial normal constitution, and most people have a certain constitutional bias.

    In order to achieve the ideal conditioning effect, you must find the physical characteristics of your health. In addition, five juice drinks, namely pear, coriander, fresh reed root, Ophiopogon and coriander juice, also have a cool and moisturizing effect.

    Allergic: Ganoderma powder for "allergic people"

    Characteristics: Allergic constitution is often said, and it is easy to be allergic to drugs, food, odor, pollen, etc. Common diseases include measles, allergic purpura, allergic cough and asthma.

    Health recommendation: Ganoderma powder.

    Regular consumption of ganoderma powder can play a role in preventing allergies. Bacteria are easy to breed in summer and autumn. Pay attention to keeping the room ventilated and hygienic.

    Phlegm-wet type: "little belly" drinking winter melon soup

    Features: Poop with big belly, bloated waist, greasy face, and sweat easily. Such women are prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension .

    Health Recommendation: Winter Melon Soup.

    Winter melon has diuretic and expectorant effects, and regular food can also clear heat and detoxify. People with a phlegm-damp constitution must control sweets and greasy foods.

    Damp heat type: "mouth bitter people" eat wild vegetables

    Features: Bad breath or bitter mouth are common, and hemorrhoids and acne are easy to develop. The face and tip of the nose are usually shiny, and the character is irritable.

    Health recommendations: celery juice, cold purslane.

    Juicing the coriander, coriander, and celery, it has a good effect of clearing heat and dampness. In addition, it is also good to boil the purslane and add the seasonings to cool it.

    If you eat a lot of spicy food or barbecue, it is easy to accumulate the damp heat in the body, and the heat toxin in the body cannot be eliminated, and it will find a way to induce eczema and small acne. Therefore, people with hot and humid constitutions should eat more heat and damp foods, such as mung beans and cucumbers.

    Yang Deficiency: "Afraid of Cold" Drinking Eucommia Tea

    Features: Afraid of coldness, clothes are worn much more than others, especially the stomach, arms and knees are easy to feel cold, often cold hands and feet. I don't like blowing air conditioners, my muscles are not strong, my personality is calm and introverted.

    Health recommendation: Eucommia tea.

    Angelica stewed mutton and Eucommia tea both have a tonic effect, but Angelica stewed mutton is hot and is best eaten in winter. People with yang deficiency should eat cold, cold food such as watermelon, coriander, and green tea in small quantities.

    Qi Deficiency Type: "Fuganer" Drinking Yam Juice

    Features: Repeated colds, old sweats, low voice, and no sports. Many children have repeated colds and are called complex sensations. This is related to Qi deficiency.

    Health Recommendation: Yam Juice.

    Chinese yam and astragalus are traditional Chinese medicines for invigorating qi. You can drink yam or decoction . In addition, you can eat soy beans, white lentils and so on.