Postpartum calcium deficiency harms pregnant moms

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    Original title: Postpartum calcium deficiency harms pregnant pregnant women with calcium supplements in 3 ways

    The postpartum calcium supplementation of lactating mothers to enhance physical fitness and increase lactation is called postpartum calcium supplementation.

    The dangers of postpartum calcium deficiency

    Because mothers, especially breastfeeding mothers, need to consume about 1,200 mg of calcium per day, so that each liter of milk secreted contains more than 300 mg of calcium. The greater the amount of milk secreted, the greater the need for calcium.

    Furthermore, breastfeeding mothers have lower levels of estrogen and higher levels of prolactin in the postpartum period. Therefore, the ability of bones to renew calcium before menstruation is not good, and calcium in milk often consumes too much body calcium. At this time, if you don't add enough calcium, you will cause mother's back pain, leg cramps, tooth looseness, osteoporosis, etc .; it will also cause rickets in infants, affecting tooth eruption, physical growth and Development of the nervous system.

    How do pregnant moms add calcium?

    1. Food supplement is the most reliable and effective calcium supplement for pregnant moms. From the 5th month of pregnancy, pregnant moms must drink 250 ml of milk, formula or yoghurt daily, and pay attention to calcium-rich foods in the diet, such as spherical cheese (6 balls), tofu (half piece, about 100 grams) ), Eggs (1-2), boiled shrimp (5 tbsp), boiled sardines (10, medium size), dried herring (2 tbsp), and appropriate amount of kelp or sea cabbage, etc. Reached 800 mg.

    2. Daily intentionally arrange yourself to bask in the sun, especially pregnant moms who are pregnant in winter and spring. This will allow the body to take in sufficient VD, allow the fetus to develop stronger bones and teeth, and eliminate the factors of congenital rickets and dental caries. Keep in mind that this is a must-do, and other methods cannot be replaced. It will be better if you do some moderate exercise when you are in the sun.

    3, the shortcomings can be considered from the calcium supplement. After the fourth month of pregnancy, take calcium daily under the guidance of a doctor, especially pregnant moms with symptoms of calcium deficiency, until the ninth month of pregnancy. Calcium with high intestinal absorption rate, convenient taking, and low price is better, such as Calci-D. There are two formulations of Calci-D, one is Calci-D600 tablet, which contains 600 mg of calcium and 125 international units VD; the other is Calci-D300 chewable tablet, which contains 300 mg of calcium and 60 The unit is VD. If you choose Calci-D600 tablets, take 1 capsule daily after dinner ; if choose Calci-D300 chewable tablets, take 1 capsule daily for breakfast and dinner.

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