How long does it take to sleep every day? 14 to 17 hours for newborns 7 to 8 hours for elderly

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    来源:广州日报 February 9, 2015 07:50 Source: Guangzhou Daily Watch the news on your phone
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    Original title: How long does it take to sleep every day?

    Diseases and health problems that can arise from lack of sleep. Experts point out that the length of sleep each day has become an important indicator of overall health.

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    Cardiovascular diseases


    Breast cancer

    Urinary problems

    Colon cancer


    Shortened life



    Guangzhou Daily News Sleep, like food, water and air, is the key to human survival. In order to determine how much sleep people need at each stage of their lives, the National Sleep Foundation set up a professional team of 18 experts in sleep science, anatomy and physiology, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics and gynecology. It took two years to develop the latest sleep guidelines.

    The findings also reveal that from 4-month-old babies to 17-year-olds, people need more sleep than previously thought.

    "Individuals who sleep longer or shorter than recommended do not cause negative effects. However, individuals who sleep far outside the normal range may require forced sleep interventions or indicate a serious health problem."

    ——The report states

    Brushing your phone before bed will affect sleep

    Brushing your phone before bedtime has become a habit for many people. But research shows that this habit has become a "sleep killer". Sleep status is related to device usage time: the longer you use your device, the higher your risk of insomnia.

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