Diversified foods to order "crude" Six principles of spring diet

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    Original Title: Six Principles of Diet in Spring

    Dr. Ma talks about nutrition Ma Guansheng, Professor of Peking University School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene

    Lichun just passed. Among the 24 solar terms, Lichun was the first. "Li" means "beginning". The beginning of spring means that spring has begun, the temperature is rising every day, and everything is recovering. As the saying goes: The year's plan lies in spring. This sentence is also suitable for our diet. The new year has begun. We must arrange the spring diet to lay a good foundation for health . The following six diet principles can be written down and posted on the refrigerator to remind yourself often.

    Food is diverse, come to "coarse" different foods provide different nutrients, no natural food can provide all the nutrients the human body needs. Eat more types of food every day so that the nutrients provided by various foods can complement each other and meet the nutritional needs of life and work. Always eat coarse grains, such as cornmeal and millet. The current food is too delicate, and it is prone to B- vitamin deficiency when eating such food. Eating coarse grains often can supplement the food. In addition, often eat some potatoes, such as sweet potatoes , potatoes, etc. These foods are rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation and prevent cancer.

    Fun fruits and vegetables, add a little "wild" Eat green, red or yellow vegetables or fruits every day, because dark fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and antioxidants than light colors. Spring is here, and a variety of naturally growing fruits and vegetables are also on the market, such as plums, apricots, toon, and chives. The yellow and green toon scrambled eggs, the leek scrambled eggs, and the green onions mixed with tofu, not only looked at the "eyes," but also refreshed. If you can pick wild vegetables, amaranth, and amaranth dumplings that naturally grow on the earth, it is even more enjoyable.

    Animal food, be careful with animal food can provide high-quality protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, you should eat animal food in moderation every day. If you eat too much animal food, your fat intake will increase at the same time, which is not good for your health. Animal livers, such as pig liver, chicken liver, or duck liver, are rich in nutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamin A and can be eaten frequently.

    Dairy products are relatively comprehensive, and it is best to eat some dairy products every day. Pay attention to the instructions when choosing dairy products, and don't use dairy drinks as dairy products choice.

    Soy products are plant-based foods, but they are diverse and rich in protein, so they should be eaten often.

    Light diet, less oil and salt when cooking as much as possible with less oil, less salt, a light diet is good for health. Eating less oil can reduce fat intake and help control weight. Eat less salt to help prevent and control high blood pressure .

    Three meals a day, the trick is to arrange a year in spring, and one day in breakfast! A nutritious breakfast can not only "fuel" for health and time, but also help the efficiency of morning study or work. Breakfast can not be ignored, sloppy, not only to eat every day, but also to eat and eat well. Chinese food cannot be made up. The " retro style" comes with "bento", which can be said to have many benefits. It saves time, money, nutrition, and health ... If a few colleagues bring it together, you can organize a small lunch "party". You don't have to torment yourself at dinner for a healthy diet.

    Exercise more and sit less. Your body is healthy. Spring sprouts are green and flowers are in full bloom. It is a good time to go out and bathe in nature. You should go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on the one hand.