Watch out! Carrots can cause female infertility!

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    Original title: Be alert! Carrots can cause female infertility!

    Carrots have a unique taste. Some people are not born to eat them, while others are rabbits and eat them every day. 丰富,常吃对身体好,但是对于备孕的女性来说,胡萝卜就不是好东西了。 Carrots are rich in nutrients and often eaten is good for the body, but for pregnant women , carrots are not a good thing. 不孕。 According to scientific research, eating carrots before pregnancy can make women infertile.

    According to research by American scientists, excessive amounts of carotene will affect the lutein synthesis of the ovaries, reduce secretion, and some even cause amenorrhea, anovulation, and menstrual disorders.

    This condition was first discovered in patients with anorexia schizophrenia. Even if they did not eat and did not have menstruation, blood was drawn to find that carotene was too high in the blood. Later, it was found in some female patients who are not anorexia nervosa that if they eat a lot of carrots, they will cause high levels of carotene in the blood, and there will be abnormalities such as infertility, menstruation, and ovulation.

    Researchers explain that this may be caused by beta-carotene interference with steroid synthesis. Some doctors once found that six women who had abnormal menstruation due to excessive carrots had their ovaries yellow, orange, and orange called "golden ovaries."

    After reading the above research, we can know that eating more carrots will affect fertility. 丰富,但其营养成分并非不可替代,想要获取全面的营养 ,还可以从其他的食物中获取。 Therefore, pregnant women should quit carrots. Although carrots are rich in nutrients , their nutritional components are not irreplaceable. If you want to obtain comprehensive nutrition , you can also obtain them from other foods .

    (Editors: Xu Xiaohua, Liu Jingting)


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