Menstrual diet keep in mind 7 should avoid 5: avoid salty food

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    Original Title: Menstrual Diet Remember 7 Great Tips 5 Tips: Avoid Salty Foods

    Core Tips: Menstrual period is special, and menstrual diet is also special. Reasonable menstrual diet can not only ensure nutrition supply, but also regulate mood and relieve dysmenorrhea. But if you eat the wrong thing, you are the one who has been sinned.

    The days when my aunt drives every month are the weakest times for women. Properly adjusting the diet can supplement the nutrition lost by the body and enhance resistance. If you eat something wrong during your menstrual period, it will not only worsen your menstrual discomfort, but also cause symptoms such as anemia and headache. What are the taboos of menstrual diet?

    Menstruation is a unique physiological law of female sexual function. Reasonable diet during menstruation can not only supplement the loss caused by menstrual blood to the body, but also regulate mood and relieve dysmenorrhea. If you eat the wrong thing, beware of dysmenorrhea and anemia! Female friends pay attention to 喽, eat during menstruation, "7 should be 5 avoid" to keep in mind.

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    (Responsible editor: Cai Xionggeng, Liu Jingting)
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