12 nutritional values of black garlic

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    Original Title: 12 Nutritional Values and Practices of Black Garlic

    What is black garlic? The most common thing on our table is garlic. What is black garlic? How does it taste different from garlic and will it have a different nutritional value?

    In order to exert the better therapeutic effect of garlic and remove the garlic smell that affects communication, foreign scientists have done many experiments, and finally invented the black garlic production process, which quickly became popular in Europe, America, and Japan, and became a precious health food.

    On the basis of retaining the nutritional ingredients and functions of raw garlic, black garlic has improved the antioxidant effect of raw garlic by dozens of times, and has converted the protein of raw garlic itself into a large amount of 18 amino acids needed by the human body, which is rapidly Absorption has played a huge positive role in enhancing human immunity, restoring human fatigue, and maintaining human health. It also has a sweet and sour taste, no garlic after eating, no fire, and has good health care functions.

    The main benefits of black garlic

    1. Black garlic has a wonderful effect on regulating constipation

    Feedback from consumers who took black garlic showed that constipation symptoms were significantly relieved after 3-7 days of taking black garlic.

    2. Anti-inflammatory and sterilization for beriberi

    Black garlic has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. After washing your feet (soaked in black garlic skin for better water) every day, apply the black garlic paste evenly to the affected area. Applying it 1-2 times a day is very effective.

    3. Prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases

    Black garlic has the reputation of "vascular scavenger". Researchers have found that people who have eaten black garlic for a long time have less deposition in the inner wall of blood vessels. Can prevent cardiovascular disease such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. Trace element selenium can protect cardiovascular and heart muscle health.

    4. Prevention and conditioning of diabetes

    Black garlic can affect the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, reduce its blood sugar levels and increase plasma insulin levels. Among them, allicin and alkaloids also have components that lower blood sugar and increase the function of insulin. More importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar levels. Long-term consumption of black garlic can not only prevent diabetes, but also restore the health of patients with mild diabetes and avoid the terrible complications of diabetes.

    5, liver protection

    Black garlic has strong antioxidant activity, can inhibit the damage of liver cell membrane structure by lipid peroxidase and protect the liver. Allicin in black garlic has resistance to liver cell poisoning caused by CC14 and improves liver detoxification function. Black garlic also prevents and treats liver diseases such as chronic or acute hepatitis and cirrhosis. Branched-chain amino acids such as valine have a good therapeutic effect on liver failure. Alanine and aspartic acid can enhance liver function and protect the liver. Hepatoprotective effect.

    6, brain puzzle

    The combination of black garlic and vitamin B1 can produce "alliamine", which provides sufficient energy for brain cells and enables quick thinking. Black garlic participates in brain protein and sugar metabolism, promotes oxidation, improves central nervous activity, has the function of maintaining and promoting brain cell function, and promotes the increase of intelligence. Vitamin C can also improve the permeability of nerve cell pipelines and make the brain smooth and timely. Get nutritional supplements, so that the brain is full and the intelligence is improved.

    7.Improve immunity

    Black garlic is fermented by natural supplement garlic. It does not contain any added ingredients, but also greatly enhances its physical strength and strength. At the same time, it strengthens the human body's immunity and has a significant inhibitory effect on multiple viruses, including AIDS secondary infections. Effectively prevent the physical discomfort caused by colds, the energy is significantly more abundant than before, and physical strength has also improved.

    8. Yiqi Yangjing Yousheng Youyu

    Black garlic can effectively supplement the kidneys, improve the symptoms of weakness caused by insufficient kidney qi, and promote sperm production, which can significantly improve the quality and quantity of sperm. And effectively improve the sperm motility, so as to achieve the purpose of eugenics.

    9, beauty and delay aging

    The alliin and black garlic ethanol extract contained in black garlic also have a certain effect on delaying aging. The allicin in black garlic can also be combined with esters, which after combination will have the function of vitamin E --- preventing atherosclerosis Hardening and anti-aging. Vitamin B15 is anti-oxidant, prolongs the life of cells, vitamin E can delay aging, cystine can promote cell growth, detoxify and beauty, and the germanium element also has anti-aging effects.

    10.Improve sleep

    Black garlic can effectively improve dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, shortness of breath, tiredness, lack of diet, tinnitus, deafness, irritability, inattention, forgetfulness, and reduced work and study efficiency; long-term insomnia, with the body's immunity Decline and endocrine disorders can also cause heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension , sexual dysfunction, cataracts, premature aging, depression and so on.

    11, weight loss health

    Black garlic effectively prevents the synthesis of enzymes, fatty acids and cholesterol, and has a good weight loss effect.

    12. Prevent cancer

    Black garlic can block the synthesis of carcinogens, nitrosamines, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and have a killing effect on cancer cells. Selenium has high antioxidant capacity, which can prevent cells from over-oxidizing, protect cell membranes, increase immunity, and inhibit canceration. The food fiber in black garlic absorbs water to promote intestinal peristalsis and adsorb carcinogens in the intestine, which can reduce the incidence of rectal cancer.

    There are so many benefits of black garlic, here are a few black garlic practices.