Hebei strengthens surveillance of unexplained pneumonia and influenza-like cases

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    来源:河北日报手机看新闻 07:42, October 17, 2013 Source: Hebei Daily Mobile News
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    Original title: Hebei strengthens surveillance of unexplained pneumonia and influenza-like cases

    The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of Health that from now on, our province will strengthen the surveillance of unexplained pneumonia cases and influenza-like cases, and require "early detection, early diagnosis, early reporting, early reporting, Isolate early. "

    As the weather turns cold, respiratory infections enter a season of high incidence. As a new infectious disease, the risk of "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" spreading to China is increasing. According to reports, since the new coronavirus was first discovered in September 2012, cases have been reported in the Middle East and Europe. In May this year, the World Health Organization named the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection as "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. The case is critically ill and has a higher mortality rate.

    ,成员由来自7所省直医院及省疾控中心的18位相关专家组成。 It is understood that at present, the Provincial Department of Health has set up a provincial “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” medical treatment expert group, which is responsible for guiding the diagnosis and medical treatment and medical staff training of suspected or confirmed cases in the province. And the provincial disease control center composed of 18 relevant experts. Expert teams for medical treatment of "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" are being established. At the same time, the Provincial Department of Health requires all localities to carefully inquire about the epidemiological history of the unexplained pneumonia and influenza-like cases found in the pre-screening triage, do a good epidemiological investigation of the case and register relevant information, and report and diagnose according to the procedures Once the "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome" epidemic occurs, ensure timely detection and effective control. All types of medical institutions at all levels must standardize fever clinics and wards, and provide adequate, necessary, and qualified disinfection and protection supplies. Medical staff must strictly follow standard precautionary principles to ensure that disinfection, isolation, and personal protection measures are in place to avoid them. Hospital Infection. (Reporter Zhang Shuhui)

    (Editors: Xu Xiaohua, Liu Jingting)


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