Let every trust be solid

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    Let every trust be solid

    ——Crowdfunding for critical illness, how to put love in (Central)

    The data shows that in 2018, the 20 Internet fundraising information platforms designated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs released 21,000 fundraising information for more than 1,400 public fundraising charities across the country. Internet users clicked, followed and participated in more than 8.46 billion donations, and the total amount raised was over 31.7. 100 million yuan. It is the common aspiration of the whole society to jointly build and share an open, transparent, trustful and mutual fundraising platform. Everyone talks in this issue. We have selected three readers to contribute to the commonweal and escort for love.


    Breakthrough mode limitations

    Shi Yongcheng

    The Internet service platform for personal illness is a model innovation that solves the problem of funding for medical treatment for the poor and patients with major diseases, and it is also a new fundraising method of "Internet + charity". However, we must also see that integrity issues are intertwined with health issues, public welfare and charity are connected, and patients worry about where treatment costs come from. The platform considers how to eliminate fraudulent donations. The public is worried about whether the patient information is true, Is the platform reliable ... How can the network fundraising model break through the existing limitations and lift the "crowd"?

    In reality, as the initiator and information publisher of serious disease fundraising, regulating platform behavior is undoubtedly the most operational option. For example, crowdfunding can only be carried out with a credible and authoritative authorization; strengthen information review efforts and be responsible for the information released; strengthen cooperation with third-party institutions, foundations and medical organizations, so that the use of funds is open and transparent; Coordination, promoting mutual assistance platform and credit information system; co-construct and share the list of untrustworthy persons with relevant departments, effective punishment, etc.

    Sunlight illuminates love

    Liu Yuantong

    In recent years, public welfare crowdfunding has become popular in cyberspace. With its advantages of wide coverage and higher efficiency, scattered charitable resources can be concentrated and distributed faster. In essence, it is no different from offline public welfare crowdfunding, and it must always be open and transparent.

    The crowdfunding platform is only an information carrier on the surface, but it is also an integrity platform and a responsibility platform. The entire process of platform operation and information release should be placed in the sun, so that donors can fully understand the real situation and make autonomous decisions. If the information disclosure mechanism before, during, and after the event is lacking, the key information will be distorted, and even the publishers use biased and inductive expressions, it will inevitably make the donor feel deceived, and at the same time, it will also make room for other motives The opportunity to cause all kinds of crowdfunding chaos, overdraw valuable social goodwill, and cause false injury to all parties involved.

    To ensure the smooth flow of goodwill in society, the key is to effectively establish the true threshold of information. Only by building a more scientific and perfect mechanism to ensure that the entire process of crowdfunding runs in the sun and fully protect the right to know of donors and the public, can the crowdfunding model and the platform itself go further.

    Clear boundaries of responsibility

    Kuang Ji

    The question for many people is how to ensure the authenticity of the information throughout the process. In practice, on the one hand, personal information is stored in different departments, which is not difficult to coordinate. On the other hand, the cost of treatment is often difficult to determine in advance and fluctuates according to the progress of the disease.

    Although personal help is not a charitable fundraising, in fact, a complete online crowdfunding process, whether it is a helper, helper, or platform, all parties have a responsibility boundary. As the requester, you must be responsible for the information you post. As a participating helper, you are responsible for your own judgment. As a platform, it has inherent management responsibilities. In addition to clarifying fundraising rules and ensuring that relevant information and vouchers are complete, it should also bear the responsibility of reminding. It is necessary to explicitly request helpers to commit to the authenticity of personal information. Give risk reminders to helpers.

    Judging from the current situation, a process is still needed to prevent the occurrence of "fraud donations" and "fraud donations" and establish interconnected information networks. Only by clarifying the boundaries of the responsibilities of all parties can the value of integrity be better displayed, the role of supervision better, the crowdfunding platform more standardized, and crowdfunding behavior more effective.

    People's Daily (May 20, 2019, 09 edition)

    (Editors: Li Yiqun, Xu Xinyi)