Bayer and LinkedIn join forces to call attention to venous thrombosis risk in the workplace

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    Thrombosis is a common pathogenesis of the top three fatal cardiovascular diseases worldwide-myocardial infarction, stroke, and venous thromboembolism

    · Every hour of meditation increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis by 10%.

    Reduce knee blood circulation by 50% for more than 90 minutes of sitting

    Recently, the World Thrombosis Day publicity event, organized by Bayer and LinkedIn, was held in Beijing, calling for attention to the risk of thrombosis in sedentary people in the workplace, especially "venous thrombosis" "Embolism" is an unfamiliar disease area, reminding professionals to understand many risk factors of venous thrombosis, including sedentary, hypercoagulable state and trauma, etc., and reminding white-collar workers to get up and move every 90 minutes to reduce activity. Potential risk of venous thrombosis.

    Different from the traditional health science promotion activities, the mission of venous thrombosis harm has professional medical knowledge and a fashion sense close to young people. The large central main sculpture placed on the grassland of Qiaofufang in Beijing is three meters high. It uses artistic methods to reflect the state of "thrombosis stagnated in the body after sitting for a long time", and it means the body is hollowed out. The dancers around the main sculpture are dressed in semi-professional outfits and half-thrombotic makeup, and visually represent ten types of high-risk occupational groups who are prone to getting blood clots. After every 90 minutes of sit-in, the dancers will perform a very dynamic mechanical dance performance, in order to appeal to the professionals, if they can't stop, they must move.

    Professor Li Yongjun of Vascular Surgery at Beijing Hospital answered questions and provided confusion for the guests at the scene

    Professor Li Yongjun from the Department of Vascular Surgery of Beijing Hospital told reporters at the scene: "Venous thromboembolism includes deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The former is the formation of thrombi in the deep veins of the legs, and the latter is the blood clots that reach the lungs with blood flow. Blood vessels. Among them, the onset of deep vein thrombosis is hidden, and the domestic public has very low awareness of it. The most serious consequence is pulmonary embolism. Once it occurs, it is often very dangerous, and severe cases can lead to death. If it is in a braking state for a long time, For example, driving or flying for a long journey , or even sitting at a desk for a long time, especially bending your knees, it is recommended to take a moment to stand up, stretch your legs, and walk around. This is very healthy for blood circulation. important."

    Ms. Yang Liping, director of human resources at Bayer Greater China, said: "A lot of people in the workplace are busy and sedentary for long periods of time, and leisure time is easily occupied by the rising mobile internet , which unconsciously puts them at risk for health. In the young and middle-aged, poor health awareness, inattention to disease risks, and insufficient awareness, it is a blind spot for disease science. Bayer, a company in the pharmaceutical industry, has discovered this phenomenon, and has collaborated with LinkedIn on the workplace social platform to conduct cross-border cooperation and use the world's blood clots. This opportunity is aimed at this group directly online and offline, reminding them to pay attention to their health and prevent venous thromboembolic disease. "

    (Responsible editor: Nie Congxiao, Quan Juan)