alert! 350,000 boxes of fake life-saving medicine made from starch

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    Original title: Be alert! 350,000 boxes of fake life-saving medicine made from starch

    The smelly little workshop can use starch to make more than 36 million yuan of "life-saving drugs"; a box of "medicines" for long-term treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases sells for more than 100 yuan, but only a few yuan It can be produced ... The Harbin police recently cracked a case of manufacturing and selling fake medicines, and seized 350,000 boxes of commonly used medicines for false cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The suspect was arrested for re-entering the old industry two months after his release. Experts believe that the more high-end, best-selling drugs on the market, the more likely they are to be counterfeited. The high profits comparable to drugs are an important reason why these counterfeiters and sellers have repeatedly taken risks.

    The smell of small workshops

    Starch makes "life-saving medicine"

    The Harbin Public Security Bureau received a lead from the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Security Department: There is a den in the areas of Hulan and Songbei in Harbin that produce and sell fake medicines. Subsequently, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau's criminal investigation detachment and other departments set up a task force. After hard work and a large amount of evidence, the police closed the net and recently captured 9 people including Song Mou.

    The investigators seized 3 sets of pharmaceutical production equipment and production materials at two production sites in Song, and seized the commonly used drugs for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases: clopidogrel bisulfate tablets, atorvastatin calcium tablets, and aspirin enteric-coated Tablets and other semi-finished products of 350,000 boxes, the price of about 36 million yuan.

    In Yongxing Village, Hulan District, Harbin, there are 5 ordinary grape growing sheds. No one would have thought that this would be a processing room for producing fake medicines. There is a color steel mobile room in the greenhouse, which contains tablet presses, packaging machines and other equipment. In the corner of the "workshop", there are a large number of fake drug raw materials (starch), aluminum foil for packaging, and a large number of fake and semi-finished products.

    There is another fake den in Changling Village, Changling Town, where the “pharmaceutical” environment makes the police handling the case sick. "The closed house was filled with dirty water basins and dirty boots, and the smell of stinky water and odor was permeated," said Shen Wanli, deputy team leader of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Harbin Public Security Bureau.

    Heilongjiang Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Bureau Director of the Third Division of Inspection Zhao Lei introduced that the main ingredients of these fake medicines are starch, which is coated with sugar after making preforms, with uneven coloring and poor color, but it is used in the market. Medicines are packed in exactly the same box, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to tell.

    The whole family goes to battle

    Purchasing and selling are online

    According to reports, in recent years, the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit medicines in Heilongjiang Province have shown familial, networked, and refined features.

    —— "Family, young and old enter into battle." Nine people were arrested in the case, most of whom had family relationships. Nine people had a clear division of labor and were relatively independent. Song's wife was in charge of the business, and her aunt and aunt were in charge of production. The father-in-law and mother-in-law helped open the transportation link. Heilongjiang Food and Drug Inspection Bureau chief Zhang Shiyong said that from 2014, when a major case involving the production and sales of fake drugs of nearly 1 billion yuan was cracked to the current Song case, a common feature is the participation of family members. "It's difficult for outsiders to get closer. They often have very strong anti-reconnaissance capabilities. They suffocate with a little wind and concealment, hiding production equipment and counterfeit drugs."

    -"Purchasing and selling are all online." After investigation, Song's equipment for producing fake medicines was purchased from the Internet. In the "production while researching", the process from "medicine powder-tablets-compression into plates" is completed. In the sales process, these fake drug manufacturers often rent web servers located abroad to publish fake drug information. After finding the buyer, the fake medicine will be delivered to the consumer by courier.

    —— “The division of labor between fake and selling prices has become increasingly clear”. It is understood that there is a separate division of labor in the production, transportation and sales of counterfeit medicines. When it comes to packaging and sales, they mostly focus on off-site packaging, labeling, packing, etc., use developed transportation and logistics conditions to purchase production equipment, packaging materials and other materials, and sell fake medicines everywhere.

    A few yuan to produce a hundred yuan "drug"

    Increasing penalties is key

    The profitability of making fake medicines is an important factor for these counterfeiters and sellers to take risks repeatedly. It is understood that a box of "Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulfate Tablets" above 100 yuan can be "produced" for a few dollars here in Song.

    Professionals say that the use of non-medicinal drugs is likely to delay the illness. Huang Yueming, the chief lawyer of Heilongjiang Junming Law Firm, said that compared with previous regulations, the Criminal Law Amendment (9) has increased the sentencing intensity for drug crimes. As long as it is found to be "producing and selling counterfeit drugs," it will be punished. The term of imprisonment or detention below 2 years is more operational, but it is also kept at a relatively low level of sentencing.

    Some food and drug inspection staff said that counterfeit drugs mostly flowed to remote urban-rural junctions, and "maintained the market" because prices were significantly lower than market prices. The Heilongjiang Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Bureau linked with the public security machine and investigated a number of major and important cases. Deputy Commissioner Wen Ping introduced that traders use the Internet to extend the production and marketing chain of counterfeit medicines, and use QQ links between sales, and counterfeit medicines have flowed to many provinces across the country. "Nearly 80% of the clues in investigating and handling cases now come from patients, manufacturers' reports, and public security investigations. It is difficult to intervene at the source to prevent in advance." Wen Ping said that the frequent occurrence of major counterfeit drugs has also brought new challenges to the regulatory authorities. (According to Xinhua News Agency)

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