The secret of longevity is clear. Eat less health 3 black more 3 white

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    来源:人民网-生命时报 April 24, 2015 11:12 Source: People's Daily Online-Life Times Watch news on mobile phone
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    Original title: Longevity Secrets: Understand Your Diet and Health 3 Black More 3 White

    There is a lot of knowledge about "color" in diet. Especially for the elderly, certain "white" and "black" foods have very different health effects. The diet of the elderly should be far from "three whites" to "three blacks".

    "Sanbai" refers to salt, sugar, and fat. Eat these three foods less. Eating too much salt can lead to increased blood pressure, vascular sclerosis, and an increased burden on the kidneys. In general, the daily intake of salt is appropriate to 6 grams. Sugar is an essential basic substance for the human body, but excessive intake can easily cause hypertension , obesity, and liver damage. When cooking, you can use soup, thicken or dip boiled food to eat, and spread the sweet and salty taste on the surface of the food, which can satisfy the appetite without excessive sugar and salt intake. . Animal fats can aggravate vascular sclerosis and increase cholesterol. You should not eat more, but you must not eat it. Under the premise of 25 grams to 30 grams of oil per person per day, the ratio of vegetable oil to animal fat is preferably 10: 7.

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