19 cultural relics from the Dongyang Museum will be unveiled at the Capital Museum

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On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, 19 (group) cultural relics of the Dongyang Museum will be unveiled at the "Zhejiang History and Culture Exhibition" of the Capital Museum .

"Crossing-Zhejiang History and Culture Exhibition" is co-organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics and the Zhejiang Province Cultural Relics Bureau. The exhibition will open at the Capital Museum on September 26.

The organizer of "Zhejiang History and Culture Exhibition" selected 19 (groups) cultural relics that best represent the history and culture of Zhejiang from the Dongyang Museum to participate in Beijing. The 19 (group) cultural relics exhibited at this exhibition are mainly composed of three cultural relics unearthed from the mound tombs of the Spring and Autumn Period, five temple Nansi pagodas, and the South Song Jinjiaoyishan Song tombs.

Dongyang was once the most important place in ancient Yue. From the excavated high-standard tombs and high-level cultural relics, it can be seen that Dongyang had an important position in the Yue Kingdom. These cultural relics have an important reference role in displaying the historical features of the ancient Yue people. At the Capital Museum, the fine cultural relics unearthed in Dongyang will lead the audience through time and space along with many treasures from Vietnam to find strength in the history of the ancient Yue people.

During the exhibition, don't forget to visit our hometown in the Capital Museum!