Municipal Culture, Tourism, Tourism and Sports Bureau held a theme education seminar on "Don't forget your original heart and remember your mission" and October theme party day study meeting

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In order to carry out the in-depth education on the theme of “Do n’t forget your original intention and remember your mission”, implement the twelve-character general requirements of the theme education work: “Keep your original intention, take on the mission, find gaps, and grasp the implementation”. On the evening of October 14th, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism , and Sports carried out the fourth theme study meeting on theme education in conjunction with the theme Party Day activities.

At the meeting, all party members and cadres watched special videos such as "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Learn the Party Constitution" and "Unforgettable Original Mind". All party members and cadres followed the film to review the party history, party constitution, and the nature and mission of the party. Through watching and learning, all party members and cadres have further enhanced their awareness of party members and party constitutions, clarified that party constitutions are the general rules that the entire party must follow, inspiring party members and cadres not to forget the party's original intentions, keep in mind the mission of party members, consciously abide by the party constitution rules, and perform party membership obligations.

At the meeting, all party members and cadres learned the "Summary of Speeches by Secretary Che Jun and Vice Governor Huang Jianfa at the Reporting Sessions on Theme Education in Wenzhou and Ouhai District" and "Dongyang's" Don't Forget Your Original Mind, Remember Your Mission "Theme Education Important work and the spirit of the important speeches and documents such as the Discipline Work Program, Regulations of the Communist Party of China on the Management of Educational Management, and Chapters 7 to 10.

Jiang Yongliang, member of the party committee and deputy director of the Culture, Tourism, and Sports Bureau emphasized that it is necessary to further strengthen theoretical study and let scientific theories go deeper and deeper. Persist in studying Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics as a political responsibility, a spiritual pursuit, and a daily habit, and constantly enrich one's ideological connotation and spiritual realm, improve ideological and political quality, strengthen the sense of purpose, and truly learn We will apply what we have learned to promote learning and continuously improve our ability to perform duties.

Jiang Yongliang pointed out that as a party member and leading cadre, he must integrate himself into the development of Dongyang's cultural tourism and sports, strengthen the sense of responsibility and responsibility, do a good job, do a good job, and do some practical things for the people of Dongyang. It is necessary to further strengthen the responsibility to bear the burden, firmly establish difficult values, and strive to create first-class values. We must always maintain a progressive mentality and courage to cope with difficulties and courage to overcome difficulties. We must resolutely overcome the negative mentality of not seeking hardships but only passing them; we must further strengthen the awareness of discipline and let party members' identities and responsibilities truly build up, Light up. Be absolutely loyal to the party and the cause, adhere to the high moral line, strictly observe the bottom line of discipline, and be truly loyal, clean, and responsible party members and cadres. (Author Lu Yihuang)