City Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team Formally Established

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On the morning of October 31, the Dongyang City Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team was officially established, which marked a substantial and critical step in the reform of the city's cultural administrative comprehensive law enforcement, and also heralded the entry of comprehensive cultural tourism supervision in the city. A brand new stage.

Huang Yangming , the deputy mayor of the municipal government, Xu Haiqing, the director of the municipal party committee's editorial office, and Ma Jingbin, the secretary of the party committee and director of the Municipal Culture, Tourism, and Sports Bureau, jointly unveiled the announcement.

In recent years, the city has continuously strengthened the management of the cultural market, and the city's cultural market has shown a dynamic and healthy development trend. The newly formed Dongyang City Cultural Market Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Team will implement law enforcement in the name of the Cultural , Tourism, and Sports Bureau, and will perform administrative penalties for culture, cultural relics , publishing, radio and television, film , tourism, and sports markets and administrative inspections related to administrative penalties. And administrative compulsory duties, and assume the relevant tasks of "sweeping and cracking down on evils." Next, we must first firmly grasp the opportunity for reform, seize the historical opportunities of the "five key periods", further transform functions and concepts, pioneer and innovate, make unremitting progress, and effectively take on the heavy responsibility of comprehensive enforcement of the cultural market and fulfill the duties effectively. Bold management and strict law enforcement. The second is to adhere to the goal of prospering and developing the cultural tourism and sports market, actively explore new ideas, measures and mechanisms for work, properly handle the relationship between law enforcement and services, and effectively enhance the ability to promote development and serve the people. The third is to carry out the mission bravely, to build a comprehensive cultural law enforcement administrative team with strong political standards, behavioral standards, proficient business, and strong style, and create a new situation in the comprehensive supervision of cultural tourism in our city. (Author Wei Lianhua)