Why can't I get a free ticket to a teacher with a 30-year teaching certificate of honor to go to Luohe Mountain Scenic Spot in Liushi Street?

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According to the notice of the "Administrative Measures on the Price and Charges of Tourist Attractions in Zhejiang Province"-Article 2 of Zhejiang Price Fee [1999] 443. Article 11, for students, children, the elderly, the disabled, the military and other special tourists should The implementation of preferential fares does not apply to tourist attractions in landscapes built by commercial investment in Zhejiang Province. According to the Dongzhengfa [2006] No. 21 Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Regulations on the Preferential Treatment of the Elderly in Dongyang", tourist attractions sponsored by government investment 60-70-year-olds are entitled to a 50% discount on tickets with the "Privilege Card", and the "Certificate of Pass" for senior citizens over 70 years of age are free of tickets. According to the relevant departments, the Luoheshan Scenic Spot of Liushi Street is not a tourist attraction sponsored by government Therefore, it can be determined for the elderly whether they are preferential.