Where should I go to ask for a level 4 babysitting skill subsidy? What materials to bring?

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Reply content: Our city employees who participate in unemployment insurance in accordance with the law, and who have obtained a certificate in 2019, have paid unemployment insurance premiums for more than 12 months (inclusive), and obtained a professional qualification certificate or vocational skill level certificate (can be found on the National Vocational Qualification Certificate Inquiry Website) ( (Including those who were unemployed at the time of application), within 12 months after the issuance of the certificate, you can apply for a skills upgrade subsidy. The subsidy standards are 800 yuan at the beginning, 1100 yuan at the intermediate level, and 1500 yuan at the advanced level. Those who do not meet the skill upgrade, the citizens have passed the occupation Qualification certificate or vocational skill level certificate, within 12 months of issuing the certificate, can enjoy vocational training subsidies with training invoices. The subsidy standards are 500 yuan for beginners, 700 yuan for intermediate, 1,000 yuan for senior, 1200 yuan for technicians, and 1500 yuan for senior technicians. The certificate is only eligible for one subsidy.