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  • Why can't I get a free ticket to a teacher with a 30-year teaching certificate of honor to go to Luoheshan Scenic Spot in Liushi Street?

    Content of reply: Notice in accordance with the "Administrative Measures on the Prices and Charges of Tourist Attractions in Zhejiang Province"-Article 2 of Zhejiang Price Fee [1999] 443. Article 11, for students, children, the elderly, the disabled, the military, etc. Provision of special fares for special tourists does not apply


  • Where should I go to ask for a Level 4 Babysitting Skills Grant? What materials to bring?

    Content of reply: Our city participates in unemployment insurance in accordance with the law, and if it obtains a certificate in 2019, it has cumulatively paid unemployment insurance premiums for more than 12 months (including), and obtained a vocational qualification certificate or vocational skill level certificate (you can check it on the National Vocational Qualification Certificate Inquiry Website) Enterprise employees (including applications


  • Dongyang City Government Advisory Services

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