Cozy harbors. All towns and townships in the city have their own homes.

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    Cozy harbors. All towns and townships in the city have their own homes.

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    December 03, 2019 16:34:59

    | Author: Hu Bin | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    On the 2nd, a trial run was held for the "Home for the Disabled" in Nanma Town. So far, the city has completed the standardized construction of 20 homes for the disabled, 18 townships and townships in the city have achieved full coverage, and more than 330 qualified working-age intellectual, mental and other severely disabled persons have received asylum passport materials. It indicates that the city has already exceeded the construction tasks assigned by its superiors.

    The standardized construction of the "Home for the Disabled" is one of the practical projects for people 's livelihood determined by the provincial government. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to this. From the beginning of September, based on the special investigation, it has formulated relevant support policies and clarified the town. Township streets are responsible for the construction, and the city's work promotion meeting is held. It is implemented steadily in a planned, rhythmic manner, and a special inspection team of the Municipal Party Committee is dispatched to follow up and promote implementation, which effectively guarantees that the standardized construction tasks of homes for the disabled in our city are on schedule. carry out.

    The Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation has taken the standardized construction of homes for the disabled as the top priority of this year. The leader is in charge and has set up four supervision groups with team members as the team leader. Based on the previous organization of the backbone of the Disabled Persons 'Federation of the Municipality, the directors and full-time members of the Zhenxiang Suburban Disabled Persons' Association to visit Jinhua, Yiwu and other places, a number of party group meetings have been held to conduct special research and deployment on the standardized construction of homes for the disabled, and jointly finance And taxation departments to conduct policy research. After the policy is issued, timely organize policy learning and training, interpret the terms, and do a good job of propaganda. The members of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation team worked together to reach 20 construction sites in the city, participate in the preliminary planning, and provide targeted guidance. According to the actual situation of our city, four types of homes for the disabled with different types of subjects were selected for trial. After half a month's preparation, the home of the filial piety home for the filial piety in Baiyun Street, which was included in the pilot, took the lead in officially operating on October 11. The city's on-site meeting was held on the same day to speed up the progress of the home for the disabled in the city.

    The coordination of various departments in our city has created a good working environment for the standardized construction of homes for the disabled. The municipal finance department strongly supports the standardized construction of homes for the disabled, and jointly participates in work surveys. In terms of funding arrangements such as start-up funds and operating funds, it has issued support policies that are consistent with the actual conditions of the city and conducive to continuous operation. (Home Care Institution) Establishes a home for the disabled to provide support in terms of venues and admission of persons with mild mental disorders; the municipal health department provides medical and rehabilitation services for disabled persons who reside; the municipal human resources and social security departments manage ( Careers are included in non-profit positions and enjoy employee pension insurance subsidies and job training subsidies; the municipal tax department provides tax policy advice and more flexible services for disabled people's homes.

    As the main responsible unit of construction, all towns and townships will standardize the construction of homes for the disabled as the focus of this year's work. In the selection, location and construction of homes for the disabled, relevant leaders and staff have worked in an orderly manner. Carry out policy promotion, object mapping, selection of management (protection) managers, and layout of functional areas. In the case of tight time, heavy tasks and high pressure , the towns and villages in the towns and cities carry forward the continuous combat work style, and the standardized construction of the homes for the disabled has been vigorously promoted. In less than 40 days, the construction tasks issued by the superiors were successfully completed. .

    The person in charge of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation stated that it is necessary to make efforts to implement the livelihood and livelihood matters determined by the provincial government and to do a good job. In the next step, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation will conscientiously compare the standardized construction standards and star rating methods of homes for the disabled, and further strengthen the establishment of standardized operating mechanisms, improve the level of operation and management, and strengthen the training and education of agency managers to improve Their overall quality has constantly improved the standardization of the construction of homes for the disabled in our city.