Driving school coach donates hematopoietic stem cells to help children write a letter wishing recipients to thrive

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    Driving school coach donates hematopoietic stem cells to help children write a letter wishing recipients to thrive

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    December 03, 2019 11:27:48

    | Author: Jiang Wen | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    On the 2nd, the hematopoietic stem cell transplant ward in the Department of Hematology of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was warm. Here, our volunteer, Ma Hongqiang, successfully completed the donation of hematopoietic stem cells and gave hope to a child with an unknown blood disease. As a result, he became the 528th hematopoietic stem cell donor in the province, and also the 5th volunteer in our city who successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells.

    Realized my 40th birthday wish

    Ma Hongqiang was born on December 22, 1980 in Xianfeng Village, Nanshi Jiedao. Soon, he will celebrate his 40th birthday. It can be said that this donation also fulfilled Ma Hongqiang's birthday wish. "The wish to help others has come true. This is my best birthday gift." Ma Hongqiang told reporters.

    Ma Hongqiang has participated in blood donation for more than 10 years. In 2007, he saw a blood-collecting car in the Lotor Plaza and went up to donate blood for the first time in his life. Since then, he has donated blood every year. Four years ago, during a blood donation, medical staff asked him "Will he be willing to collect blood samples to help others?" Ma Hongqiang agreed without thinking much.

    Earlier this year, Ma Hongqiang made a successful match with a child with a blood disease. City Red Cross staff called Ma Hongqiang for the first time and asked if he would like to donate. Ma Hongqiang was surprised. After he reacted, he didn't hesitate and agreed with one sip. "Because time has passed a long time ago, when I first received the call, I thought it was a scammer. I was excited and willing to talk about the truth after a chat." Ma Hongqiang said.

    Ma Hongqiang told the parents and wife, but the family did not agree. "They thought that donating would be harmful to their health , and they were particularly worried." Ma Hongqiang said, in order to dispel the concerns of his family, he collected a lot of donation knowledge and cases on the Internet for his family to see, and also invited the staff of the Municipal Red Cross to explain the donation knowledge at home Some donors also came forward to say that after seeing that the donation did not harm the health, the family also agreed.

    Get ready for donation

    Initially, the donation was scheduled for June this year, but because the child developed an infection, treatment was needed first, and the donation could only be postponed. During this period, Ma Hongqiang was very worried about the child's physical condition. He repeatedly asked the staff of the city Red Cross staff about his child's condition, hoping that the child would get better soon. At the same time, he is actively preparing for donations.

    For the past two months, Ma Hongqiang has maintained a light diet, not drinking alcohol or eating particularly greasy food. In his spare time, he went to the village basketball court to play basketball and exercise. His daily routine is very regular, and now he is strict with himself in order to donate and avoid colds. Ma Hongqiang is a coach at Nanshan Automobile School. In order not to delay donations, he planned ahead so that some students would take the driving license test first, and those who could not take the test would postpone the test for a few days. This approach has also received the understanding and support of students.

    Write a letter wishing recipients to thrive

    On November 28, Ma Hongqiang came to Hangzhou and started to move. After five days of injection, he started donating hematopoietic stem cells yesterday morning and collected 100 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension. During the donation, his wife and two daughters came to him, giving him a lot of support and encouragement.

    In the past few days waiting for donation, Ma Hongqiang thought of the recipient many times, so he raised a pen and wrote a letter to the little baby in the distance. He said in the letter: "Dear little baby, I am in a hotel near the hospital to prepare for this operation. I will go to the hospital immediately to take a third injection of mobilizer. I am excited, beautiful, and feel good about myself. In a few days, I hope these good seeds can be perfectly integrated into your body. (Wish you) to recover soon, go outside, in the playground, at school, in the field , in the sun and play with other children , (Has) a happy childhood. Finally, I wish you thrive in the company of your family and grow back to your family and society. "

    At more than 12 noon yesterday, the medical staff of the child's city came to Hangzhou, took the hematopoietic stem cell suspension, and sent it a thank you letter and a gift cup written by the recipient's father, expressing profoundly to Ma Hongqiang gratitude. (Reporter: Ms. Li)