How to play "the most beautiful green road in Zhejiang" Recommend everyone to check in like this!

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    How to play "the most beautiful green road in Zhejiang" Recommend everyone to check in like this!

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    December 03, 2019 16:33:39

    | Author: Ding Dong Ying Hu Hu Yang Hui | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    Since the opening of the ecological corridor in the middle of Zhejiang, Dongyang Baixi River Green Road has been a good place for citizens to relax and fit. Family and friends meet each other on weekends or holidays, stroll on the lush green roads on both sides, and feel a different kind of leisure and contentment. So, how to play the 64km Baixi River Greenway? Which nodes are worth visiting? Plan a day's travel time, visit Weishan Town and Liushi Street. The reporter will take you to enjoy the "most beautiful green road".

    From the urban area, the first stop will arrive at Liushi Street Woodcarving Town. Here you can visit Lu Jiangxiao Woodcarving Creation Room, Yao Zhonghu Art Museum , Xu Tulong Creation Room, Li Qiang Woodcarving Art Museum, Lu Guanghua Art Museum, Chen Guohua Art Museum, Feng Wentu See the works of many masters, including the Art Museum, Chen Yizhong's Creative Room, and Hu Xianmin Art Museum. In addition, the surrounding Shimaxi ancient houses, wooden culture exhibition hall, wood carving town cultural creativity area and other attractions are also worth visiting.

    Xiashitang Natural Village, one of the first Shimei Villages in our city, is in front of us, less than 3 kilometers from the wooden carving town. Entering Xiashitang Village, there is a winding Heyanxi in the south of the village, a site of the old city wall of Yehe House in the east of the village, and Ganning Temple in the west of the village, surrounded by large fields and small hills. Resources also make it a popular place for country tours.

    Drive again and embark on the journey, drive to Wuliang Film and Television Scenery Base, park on foot and walk into the green road. The trees on both sides are particularly eye-catching. This greenstone paved green road is about 800 meters long and is known as a "tree science promenade". There are camphor trees, pine trees, paulownia trees, holly trees, and bitter sassafras trees on both sides. The corresponding tree names are hung on the trees. It also understands the story of Dongyang's intangible cultural heritage, "Zhangshu Niang," and it is a good place for family and children. In the late autumn and early winter season, strolling on the green road, stepping on the creaking leaves, quietly listening to the clamor of the stream not far away, and feel the quietness that you can't enjoy in daily life. In addition, there is a large ecological wetland between the green road and the river. Large sassafras trees grow along the river bank. This is not only a place for the crew to take pictures, but also a hidden check-in point for taking photos and leaving a memorial.

    Ending the journey to Liushi Street, the time is approaching noon, looking for a farmhouse restaurant of your choice, and embark on a "green road trip" after a full meal. Weisan District, located in the town, is the hometown of Jiang Nan Di Wang Zhao Songting. 100 meters away is the Baixi River and its ecological corridors. "Bamboo" has become a feature of this greenway. The 50-meter bamboo promenade and delicate The bamboo gazebo, or rest, play, or sit down and chat, is very comfortable.

    It's a pity to return here. Look at the early days, then go to Baitan Village to visit the "National Security". In October of this year, the State Council announced the eighth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. There are three places in our city, including Baitan House, one of which is Fuyu Hall and Wuben Hall. Baitan Village, with a history of more than 600 years, has more than 40 ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the early period of the Republic of China. Fuyu Hall and Wuben Hall are the largest and most representative.

    As the sky gradually darkened, the tour also came to an end. Walking along the green road to enjoy the village, the album became more and more full, and the memories also piled up.