Winning the Civil War to Create a Tough Battle Our City Held a Thematic Work Deployment Meeting

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    Winning the Civil War to Create a Tough Battle Our City Held a Thematic Work Deployment Meeting

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    December 04, 2019 12:40:57

    | Author: Chen Yong | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    On the afternoon of the 3rd, the field deployment meeting for the establishment of a national civilized city was held in the municipal administrative center. City leaders Lou Langjian, Hu Yongchun, Jiang Lingshu, Lou Guomin, and Zhang Wangfeng attended the meeting.

    In February last year, our city became a nominated city for the nation ’s civilized cities, and in the same year we started the nation ’s civilized city creation work. In the past two years, through the establishment of a sound working mechanism, improvement of urban infrastructure construction, and improvement of urban management, the city's living environment and cultural environment have been effectively improved, and the degree of urban civilization has been continuously improved. However, advanced benchmarking still has some blind spots and problems.

    Lou Langjian, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor, pointed out that the on-site evaluation of the unannounced visits is related to whether the establishment of our city can enter the national "final finals" smoothly. The whole city must work hard to "do not reach the goal, never swear by" and put forward a work attitude of "no delay for a day, no delay for a moment", and work together to ensure that we can win the battle to build a civilized city.

    Lou Langjian demanded that all towns, townships, and departments should unify their thinking, raise awareness, combine the theme of educational achievements with the creation of a national civilized city, and resolutely carry out all the tasks of the inspection work. Problem-oriented, focus on the key issues, breakthroughs, and shortcomings in all aspects of work; take responsibility for each of them, work hard to make the most of it, and deploy the work to the fullest possible extent to ensure adequate protection of personnel and materials; Strict discipline and ensure that a strong joint force of collective management and collective attack is formed.