Three consecutive inefficient industrial sites were collected and stored in Weishan Town, the "first shot"

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    Three consecutive inefficient industrial sites were collected and stored in Weishan Town, the "first shot"

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    December 02, 2019 10:42:21

    | Author: Lv Jingjing | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    From November 27th to 28th, the Weishan Town Government and three low-efficiency industrial land enterprises signed the "Two-Party Agreement on Asset Acquisition", accumulating 71.62 acres of industrial land. This is the first batch of industrial land collected and stored by the government since the city started the inefficient industrial land cleanup in August this year.

    "On November 25th, the city held a deployment meeting for the inefficient industrial land clean-up and renovation, and deployed the government's collection and storage of inefficient industrial land. After completing the first four basic tasks, four companies in Weishan Township decided As of November 28, three companies have signed a formal "two-party agreement on asset purchase." Jiang Xufeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Weishan Town, said that Weishan Town has begun the work of cleaning and rectifying inefficient industrial land. The first shot was due to the solid implementation of the early work of the entire team of the town's inefficient industrial land cleaning and remediation team.

    Long before the city's inefficient industrial land clearing and renovation work was carried out, Weishan Town has been focusing on the collection and reuse of inefficient industrial land. In recent years, Weishan Town has completed a total of 336 acres of storage, of which 280 acres of Ping'an block were used for Wanyang Zhongchuang City and Weihua new building materials projects, and 55 acres of Shishan block were used for Huahong Xiaowei Park Phase I Project.

    After the city held a mobilization conference for the clean-up and improvement of inefficient industrial land, Weishan Town moved quickly and sorted out 199 inefficient industrial land with a total area of 1919 acres, of which 131 were 30,000 yuan per mu and the tax was 1169.24 acres.

    After finding out the bottom of the family, how to win this inefficient industrial land cleanup and rectification battle is in front of all cadres in Weishan Town. Shen Tushunda, Secretary of the Party Committee of Weishan Town, said that Weishan Town seriously implements the work requirements of the municipal party committee and government, cooperates with multiple parties, and works together to do a good job of land collection and storage, "cage replacement" and collective land reclamation. Weishan Town, in conjunction with taxation, fire protection, administrative law enforcement and other departments, has continued to carry out systematic rectification of low-efficiency industrial land enterprises that have low tax per mu and do not cooperate with remediation, forcing the transformation and upgrading of low-efficiency industrial land enterprises. In addition, the town strictly implements the industrial land supply system in stages by establishing a long-term mechanism to effectively prevent the generation of inefficient industrial land from the source.

    Through continuous efforts from various departments, Weishan Town has signed the “Asset Letter of Intent for Asset Collection and Storage” with 17 companies since August, covering an area of 314.94 acres, of which 53 acres are connected to Dongye Line and 137 acres are connected to Huaiwan Line. A total of 18 acres of collective land in Weiyi District, Weiliu District, and Xiajia Village of Weishan Town have started the reclamation process.