2,992 trainees started taking examinations in our city's adult "dual certificate" exam at 15 test centers

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    2,992 trainees started taking examinations in our city's adult "dual certificate" exam at 15 test centers

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    December 02, 2019 10:45:28

    | Author: Du Siyuan Liu Yanlian | Editor: Dong Zhen's

    On the morning of November 30, 2019 city adult “dual-certificate” high school diploma examinations will be held at 15 test centers including the City Automotive Technology School, Huxi, Lizhai, and Tiger Deer. There were 2,992 students in the city to take the test, a record high.

    With the development of society and economy , people's demand for improving individual education level is becoming more and more strong, and the "dual certificate" education system came into being. In 2010, the Municipal Education Bureau authorized the Municipal Automobile Technical School to carry out the "dual certificate" education and training work. Up to now, the school has trained more than 16,000 trainees of the project, and the trainees are located in towns and towns of the city. Many trainees have improved their personal working ability and employment opportunities through education and training.

    The reporter learned that adult "dual certification" education and training consists of two parts: culture and skills. Cultural courses include 4 compulsory courses in Chinese, mathematics, science, civic ethics and legal basics. Training is conducted by combining face-to-face teaching with self-study; skills courses include maintenance workers, pastry chefs, cooks, and vehicle drivers. Class vocational qualification training. Both classes are managed on a credit system. Among them, the culture class accounts for 60 points, and the skill class accounts for 40 points. The combined credits of the two must be 80 points or above in order to qualify for the "dual certificate".

    "Students who have a vocational qualification certificate issued by the labor department can directly obtain 40 skills courses credits, or they can also obtain corresponding credits by participating in relevant skills courses training organized by our school. Secondly, students participate in this adult's double certificate For the high school diploma education test, you can obtain the corresponding credits based on the score. In short, the two credits need only be greater than or equal to 80 points to obtain the 'dual certificate system' issued by Jinhua Education Bureau in our school. Adult Vocational High School Graduation Certificate. "Wu Miaoying, principal of the Municipal Automobile Technical School, introduced that trainees can participate in various technical courses such as maintenance, pastry chefs, and cooks at the school's transportation vocational skills training school, and can also participate in cultural courses. Learn.

    In order to facilitate the study of township students, the school also organizes teachers to send to the countryside in the form of 3 lessons per week, and uses the students' evening rest time to carry out training work depending on the time and place. Many of them are parents The trainees went out of the house and entered the classroom. The enthusiasm for learning was soaring and the training work achieved good response and results.

    "In the city this year, there are nearly 3,900 students enrolled in adult 'dual certificate' education, which is dozens of times that of other counties and cities in Jinhua. Difficult students do not arrange examinations to check the quality of the training, thereby further guaranteeing the gold content of the diploma. "Zhang Xiangwei, the deputy general manager of the school's" double certificate "training, said that although the number of students is strictly controlled, this year Eligible students still set a new record for the number of exams over the years.

    Next, the school will work hard to further improve the quality of training, strictly control the admission of students, increase the rate of students, improve the level of teacher training, innovate training methods, and ensure that students learn useful and successful.